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Showing: March 2019

How a Dirty Office Causes Bigger Problems than Dirt

March 11, 2019

You may not believe it, but offices can be dangerous places to work. A recent study by found that office coffee pot handles produce bacteria levels 34 times higher than a school toilet seat. The average office keyboard, computer mouse, and office chair can also harbor up to 20,000 germs per square inch. Failing […]

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Temp Staffing: Fixing a Broken Labor Model in Manufacturing Plants

March 8, 2019

Learn Why Supplementing Temps with Managed Labor Reduces Industrial Staffing Shortages & Increases Plant Output Does high employee turnover have you in continuous hiring and training mode? Why isn’t your plant fully staffed if you’re using multiple temp agencies? While the temp-to-hire model is advantageous for previewing prospective employees and leads to some good hires, […]

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