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Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

July 13, 2021
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Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

As we enter the middle of the summer of 2021, many businesses are adjusting to the “post Covid” world in real-time. With employees returning to in-person work and companies migrating back to full-time production, we are all learning how the last year of our lives has changed the workplace and how we think about productivity. 

For instance, many companies were surprised at how effective the “work from home experiment” turned out to be. In fact, with all of the new information we now have about remote working, many people believe the traditional workplace model is on its way out entirely. 

However, not all companies have the luxury of changing their workplace model, and many of these employers now face the challenge of rebuilding their workplace into a productive space once again. While some employers may try to simply return to normal and keep running their business the way it has always been run, it may be good to make some adjustments to the workplace, specifically to improve employee productivity.

By combining the lessons we learned from the pandemic with standard productivity recommendations, we put together a few suggestions that can be easy ways to boost your workplace’s productivity. From small shifts in the work environment to a focus on company culture, try a few of these ideas at your company, and see what kind of difference you can make!

Focus on People, Not Output

Looking for ways to increase productivity is not a new idea, but it may be time to rethink some of the productivity measurements. Rather than focusing on a certain number of hours worked or measuring each employee by their day-to-day output, you may want to shift your focus to the person behind the numbers instead.

Now, this isn’t abandoning stats and numbers entirely; they are handy for adjusting your company’s overall productivity in real-time. However, by shifting your focus from the output and input of your employees to focusing on your employees themselves, you may find a very positive shift in productivity. 

Motivated employees will always be at the heart of productivity, and when employees spent more time at home around family, with more flexibility in their working environment, they tended to be more productive during their working hours. While this is good news for companies allowing remote work, it’s also good news for those returning to in-person work.

Even though you can’t replicate the comfort of a home-working environment, making some small changes can make a difference in your employees’ mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Reach out – If you are a business owner, or manage employees in some fashion, check in with your employees and take down their suggestions. Use these suggestions to try and change the workplace to fit the needs of your team members better. Remember, every team member is different, and the best way to help them is by listening.
  • Encourage employee engagement- One aspect of remote work that people didn’t like was the disconnect from the people around them on the job. If you’re returning to in-person work, find some time in the day for employees to connect with one another. This can lead to a more positive work culture and better levels of productivity throughout the day.
  • Provide resources- As you are able to, try to provide some extra resources to your employees to help them find a good work-life balance. For example, providing child daycare or discounted fitness classes can help employees feel less stressed, and allows them to focus on being productive at work. 

Use Time Wisely

While the 8-hour workday is unlikely to change anytime soon, focusing entirely on the hours a person works won’t necessarily generate more productivity. In recent years, some companies have tried shortening their work hours to see how productivity changed.

The majority of these studies showed that even with fewer working hours per week, productivity either stayed the same or significantly increased! When looking at the results, researchers were again able to connect employee happiness and work-life balance to an increased pace of productivity while at work. 

Over the course of an 8-hour workday, there will be natural dips and rises in productivity. However, if these hours are reduced, employees tend to focus more on the important tasks of the day rather than wasting time on social media or phone calls. 

Of course, not every company can scale back their work hours, but if you emphasize efficient work rather than hours, you’ll likely find a happier, more efficient workforce.

Prepare To Be Flexible

As much as we’d all like a productivity formula that can find the perfect way to maximize labor productivity, it just isn’t possible. One method that does wonders for one company might not have the same effect at a different company. You can encourage specific workplace cultures, change your hours, or up your benefits, and still not necessarily see a change.

That is why it has become so crucial for the modern-day employer to be flexible and willing to adapt to any situation. As the focus of the workplace shifts more towards creating a healthy, encouraging environment for employees and away from focusing solely on goods and services, there are likely more changes ahead. Stay flexible and ahead of the curve, and you’ll see your productivity soar!


At LACOSTA, we know that happy, committed, and productive employees are at the center of a productive workforce. By providing benefits, full-time employment, and well-managed schedules, we are able to give our clients top-quality services without sacrificing the needs or well-being of our employees. From our Janitorial Services to our Managed Labor Solutions, we consistently provide industry-leading work thanks to our dedicated team members.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have about our services! We are happy to discuss our services and how they might apply to your particular worksite and workplace environment.

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