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Outsourcing Can Do Much More Than Just Cut Costs

December 29, 2021

Businesses are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to improve their business while still keeping costs low. Though there are many ways to lower labor costs and save money, one of the more prevalent strategies in the business world has been outsourcing. Beginning in the early 90s, the practice of outsourcing has been a […]

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Why Should I Outsource Cleaning Services?

August 24, 2021

To have a successful business, the goal is always to keep costs low and profits high. Anything that can save the company some money, or lower the existing operating costs is worth exploring! Unfortunately, many cost-cutting techniques for businesses can be time and resource-consuming, and for plenty of businesses, going through that process isn’t worth […]

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When Does Outsourcing Feel Like Insourcing?

January 5, 2021

The core question we get from our prospective clients is, naturally, “how are LACOSTA’s services going to benefit our business?”.  Well, the answer to this question is long and multifold, but much of it revolves around one key concept: the benefit of outsourcing versus insourcing. By outsourcing your janitorial needs and requirements to us, we […]

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Manufacturer Labor Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

March 21, 2020

A tight labor market with high demand for skilled workers has manufacturers constantly searching for labor. As a traditional method for filling gaps in your workforce, temporary agencies are a familiar option for filling a variety of skilled and unskilled positions. But there are serious drawbacks to this type of outsourcing, which is plagued by […]

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Manufacturing Labor Staffing: Business Partner or Vendor?

February 14, 2020

Who would you trust more to help fill your labor needs on the production floor, in the warehouse, on the dock, and throughout your plant: a business partner or a vendor? With unemployment at a record-low, the labor market has become increasingly competitive and manufacturers are struggling to source and retain talent. Traditionally, temp staffing […]

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