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What Are The Benefits of Office Janitorial Services?

July 20, 2021
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What Are The Benefits of Office Janitorial Services?

When was the last time you deep cleaned your home? If you haven’t recently, you’ll be surprised at how much dirt, grime, and muck you might find in seemingly clean spaces. Between your carpet, air system, trash, and blinds, there are places for bacteria all over your living space. 

While cleaning your entire house might seem like an enormous undertaking (and sometimes it is), try to imagine cleaning an entire office building. This is the task of janitorial staff members all over the world, day in and day out. While this tells us that janitors deserve immense respect, it also shows how important their job is to a functioning office building. 

While some small companies share resources to provide an in-house janitorial service, many large organizations would need a lot of extra infrastructures and don’t have that luxury. Managing a janitorial team is arduous work, and without a properly trained cleaning crew, your office may be much dirtier than you realized.

This is one of the main reasons LACOSTA offers extensive commercial cleaning services across a multitude of industries! We know how hard and rare it is to have in-house janitorial staff capable of handling the rigor of everyday cleaning, and that’s not even mentioning deep cleaning!

This article will explore some of the benefits you and your company can get from investing in a professional Office Janitorial Service. Keep reading to take the first step towards a sparkling clean office!

Office Cleaning Services

When it comes to having a clean office, you shouldn’t cut corners anywhere. As we’ve learned over the last year of the Covid-19 pandemic, thorough cleaning and disinfecting can go a long way towards a healthy and safe working environment. Though you should still encourage your employees to maintain a clean workspace, hiring an office janitorial team will leave you with unparalleled ease of mind. 

Healthier Workplace 

From doorknobs to desktops, everything in an office building is subject to bacteria and germs. When it comes to many in-house janitorial teams, these surfaces can sometimes be overlooked or not cleaned regularly due to a lack of resources or management. Cleaning professionals, however, make sure to focus on the high-touch surfaces as much as any of their other tasks.

These surfaces are all around the office; bathroom doors, conference tables, coffee pots, and more. It might not seem like much, but doing a daily cleaning and disinfecting can make a host of differences in the workplace. By taking the time to focus on the small details, like high-touch surfaces and common area cleaning, you can drastically reduce employee sickness and improve overall health in the workplace.

Deep Clean Capabilities

Daily cleaning is essential, and sometimes it can be handled by a smaller janitorial staff, but an office deep clean is likely out of the question. This is where a professional janitorial cleaning service can come in handy. Apart from being top-notch office cleaners, LACOSTA’s team is ready and capable of office deep cleaning.

A deep clean is quite different from regular janitorial cleaning, and the difference it can make is noticeable. Daily cleanings usually focus on emptying the trash, wiping down tables and door handles, and general vacuuming, but a deep clean goes into much more detail. 

Here are a few things a deep clean can accomplish

  • Full Surface Cleaning – Deep cleans will focus on every surface in the office, not just the high-touch surfaces of a daily clean
  • Carpet Cleaning – A daily vacuuming helps to keep your office’s carpets clean, but in a deep clean, your carpets will get a complete makeover. Carpet extraction removes below the surface of the carpet as well. 
  • Hard to Reach Areas – When we say “deep clean,” we mean a deep clean, and to accomplish this, we take the time to dust, spritz, wipe and hose down all the nooks and crannies of the office.

Knowledge and Experience

Arguably the most significant benefit of hiring a cleaning company, such as LACOSTA, is the benefit of knowledge. Every single one of our janitorial team members is a fully-employed staff member with the necessary training and expertise to handle anything your office can throw at them. Each of our team members goes through rigorous training, both when they are first hired and throughout the length of their employment. By constantly updating our methods and researching new industry standards, our team members are some of the most qualified people out there.

Every LACOSTA partnership begins with a site audit, allowing us to get a complete understanding of the task ahead. Then, utilizing our decades of knowledge in the industry, our team members can select the right cleaning products, tools, and methods to best handle your specific situation. 

Additionally, every LACOSTA janitorial partnership places a site manager in the workplace to coordinate between your company and ours. This allows us to adapt to any cleaning scenario while providing superior customer service. 

Need a power wash? Window cleaning? Epoxy treatment? Whatever the situation may be, we are confident that we have the tools and expertise to handle whatever you need.

Office Janitorial Services with LACOSTA

A clean office environment is invaluable to everyone at the office. With less clutter, employees are more focused and motivated. With cleaner surfaces and better germ management, your workplace will be safer and healthier than ever. Without the constant hiring, training, and supervision of an in-house team, you’ll save money; and get a cleaner office in return. 

Here at LACOSTA, we know the importance of a clean workspace, and we will work quickly and efficiently to make your clean office dreams come true. With over 32 years of experience across various industries, LACOSTA is prepared for almost any cleaning task. 

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