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Commercial Cleaning Services

November 23, 2020
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Commercial Cleaning Services

At LACOSTA, we have over 32 years of experience in the commercial cleaning services industry. As part of this, we have experience cleaning a wide range of different commercial and industrial premises, all of which we approach with our detail-oriented and efficient procedures and processes.

This article will discuss some of the various commercial properties we clean and some of the methods we utilize. 

What Commercial Properties Are We Capable of Cleaning?

We are consistently branching out and finding solutions for new clients, so there isn’t an exhaustive list of our different capabilities. Something we pride ourselves on is how unique and adaptable our approach is to each client.

However, some of the core categories of commercial and industrial sites we work in include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Government Facilities 
  • Offices
  • Medical Facilities 
  • And More!

We are well-equipped to handle any large potential location and are well-versed in the numerous guidelines and operating procedures required of sites like hospitals and pharmaceutical plants. We adhere to CDC recommendations/guidelines and are prepared to meet all FDA and GMP regulatory standards. We monitor all of these through our daily reporting, monthly meetings, and quarterly reviews with senior leadership to ensure that our onsite teams perform at the highest possible standards day in and day out. 

We are also committed to environmental sustainability and safety risk mitigation, making us a true innovator in the commercial cleaning services industry. 

Cleaning Methods and Cleaning Equipment

Naturally, each of the worksites that we mentioned is different, which means we have to bring a customized and adaptable approach to each one.  

As a general guideline, as an experienced and long-time commercial cleaner, we have a wide variety and assortment of different cleaning techniques. These are bolstered by a mixture of various equipment and commercial cleaning products. 

What Exactly Does Commercial Cleaning Involve?

Again, this is highly subject to the worksite and the client’s needs. However, commercial cleaning typically involves cleaning tiles, floors, walls, lighting, windows, carpets, and more. 

At LACOSTA, we offer various levels of service, depending on the needs of the client. 

Commercial cleaning can include everything from the mundane, such as emptying garbage bins, to the complex. Here are just a few of the daily tasks we perform at worksites: 

  • Vacuum hard floors, mats, and carpets
  • Dusting horizontal surfaces 
  • Mopping hard floors with commercial cleaning products 
  • Emptying waste bins and replacing trash bags
  • Cleaning windows, door frames, light switches 
  • Polishing brass and other metallic surfaces
  • Cleaning elevators
  • Re-stocking toiletries and cleaning supplies
  • Vacuuming air vents and replacing air filters

One of the great things about choosing our team is that we are a well-established business that, on top of providing day-to-day commercial cleaning services, is capable of providing an array of one-time or intermittent cleaning services. This is something that smaller commercial cleaning services are typically not able to provide to clients, forcing clients to contract out to another company to complete essential tasks like floor sealing. 

These one-time or intermittent cleaning services include options like carpet extraction, concrete polishing, conference room setup, dry cleaning, epoxy coatings, floor sealing, spot cleaning, security services, encapsulation, and low moisture cleaning, and more. We are also able to provide painting services, among other things. 

Whenever we start with a new client, we provide a full audit of the worksite and lay out a clear plan of action. During this time, we are always happy to discuss the various add-on services we offer and how they may be of use to your business and your worksite. For example, we even offer snow removal! 

This flexibility and wide array of capabilities is what enables us to provide a comprehensive and all-encompassing commercial cleaning solution to each and every one of our clients, regardless of their needs. 

LACOSTA Brings Consistency and Low-Turnover to Commercial Cleaning Services

Trying to find the right commercial cleaning service can be incredibly frustrating. In particular, the industry is plagued by high-turnover, which often leads to one week’s crew consisting of different people than next week’s crew. The result is janitorial teams never really get to know the client’s worksite, leading to inefficiency and inconsistent quality since new workers are learning the ins-and-outs of a client’s site each and every week. 

We have solved this problem by drastically reducing turnover rates by offering our employees benefits and letting them know that they are a part of the LACOSTA family. Many of our site supervisors and regional supervisors have climbed the ranks at our company, showing that we value career advancement and opportunity at our company. 

All of this translates into an unparalleled level of quality and consistency at our clients’ worksites, and they can see it! We hear from our clients all the time about how our commercial cleaning services have completely altered their worksite, allowing them to achieve new levels of cleanliness and productivity!

How to Get Started with LACOSTA

Your worksite shouldn’t have to settle for the status quo and “good-enough” standards of most commercial cleaning services. Your business, worksite, and workers deserve reliable cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services that LACOSTA brings to the table. 

If you are ready for or would like to learn more about working with a different kind of janitorial partner – one with over forty years of experience and size and scale to offer an all-encompassing commercial cleaning solution – please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ll provide an in-person audit by walking your site, giving a quote, and discussing how we can help take your worksite’s cleanliness, health, and productivity to the next level! 

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