Janitorial, Cleaning & Sanitization Services
Janitorial, Cleaning & Sanitization Services
Be Audit-Ready, All the Time
Be Audit-Ready, All the Time
End Plant Staffing Shortages
End Plant Staffing Shortages
Increase Output by 25%
Increase Output by 25%
Facility Support Services: Painting, Coating & More
Facility Support Services: Painting, Coating & More

Achieve Your Targets & Turn Red KPIs to Green

Industrial Labor Staffing & Facility Support Services You Can Trust

When temp agencies, janitorial services and facility maintenance services fail, plant output drops and employee morale falls.

Managed labor is an effective and alternative staffing model for maximizing production output. Plant managers and their teams count on LACOSTA to turn red KPIs to green by outsourcing labor problems to us.

Our Purpose Is Keeping You Focused on Yours

How the Managed Labor Model Works

Here is the 3-step managed labor staffing process for ending plant labor shortages and increasing production output, developed and pioneered by LACOSTA over the last four decades:

Step 1

Managed Labor Audit

Managed Labor Audit

How to eliminate labor shortages and turn red KPIs to green is identified on a discovery call and site visit.

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Step 2

Staffing Transition

Staffing Transition

All requirements, processes and KPIs are identified and the transition from in-house and/or temp staffing is executed.

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Step 3

KPI Reporting

KPI Reporting

Watch red KPIs turn to green in daily reports, monthly partnership meetings, quarterly site visits, and annual reviews.

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Plant Managers: End Labor Shortages

Tired of staffing problems negatively affecting your production line, warehouse, shipping & receiving, and special projects throughout your plant? Outsource your non-core manufacturing functions to us.

LACOSTA managed labor solutions provide optimal staffing levels, especially because we flex up and down with your production schedule. Ending labor shortages also helps ensure maximum production output, often 25% higher than today – freeing you up to achieve more plant KPIs – our purpose is keeping you focused on yours.

And if you use temp staffing, we will reduce your "all-in" labor costs by up to 30% – and at least 15% guaranteed. Keep temps in the office, and leave the industrial staffing to us.

Industrial Labor Staffing with Managed Services
Janitorial Office Cleaning Services

Be Tour-Ready & Audit-Ready, Every Day

Frustrated with housekeeping complaints about your bathrooms, locker rooms, conference rooms, break rooms, docks, warehouse, and other areas of your plant and offices?

Need help cleaning the production area during a plant shutdown or in advance of an audit? No problem – we can handle everything.

LACOSTA keeps you tour-ready and audit-ready all the time with our proven janitorial cleaning process and incredibly low employee turnover rates. Whether you need clean manufacturing/production areas or corporate offices, we know what the expectations are and are experts in both environments.

Facility Support Services

Get everything you need to ensure your employees are safe and productive, when you don’t have the time or people to do it:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Application
  • Marble, Terrazzo, Other Stone Floor Polishing & Maintenance
  • High Pressure Washing
  • Aisle Layout & Stripping
  • Relamping & Filter Changing
  • Light Maintenance & Repair
  • Security Services
  • Safety Fire Watch
  • White Board/Chalk Board Coating
  • Scaffold & High Lift Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Cubicle Setups
  • Moving Furniture
  • Handyman Jobs
Painting, Coating, Epoxy & Specialty Services
Corporate Plus NMSDC Member

Additional Ways We Add Value

  • MBE Corporate Plus: if your organization or customers require you to allocate more business with minority owned companies, we are MBE Certified and a minority, woman-owned business
  • Vendor Consolidation: with LACOSTA, you can consolidate multiple vendors to one, streamlining your operation and saving you valuable time
  • Standardization of SOW/Requirements: when you want the same scope of work, output and KPIs at multiple sites so you can measure globally and per site – with one management contact and one invoice
  • Community Involvement: giving back to the communities where we work

Who We Serve

Though we work with a wide variety of clients, we offer special expertise with the following:


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