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Are you a Neatnik?

October 11, 2022
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Are you a Neatnik?

Do neat, organized people – “neatniks” – really have better productivity skills?

Are neat and organized people more productive than their messy colleagues? It’s a question that comes up often in office settings. Do you think that someone who has a messy desk and files in a chaotic office, are more likely to slack off than someone who keeps their workspace neat and clean?

These days, productivity has reached an all-time high. With apps like Asana and Trello to keep track of your to-do lists and online calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook to help you organize your schedule – staying productive has never been easier.

What does the research say about organized people and their success rate?

Studies show that it is not a person’s organization level, but their messiness that can be the key to creativity and success. Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity comes from the combination of messiness and focus”. In other words, messy creativity is actually productive if you are able to balance your messy mind with a focused effort.

Organization is valuable as it can help you think more clearly and plan for the future. However, over-organization can lead to an obsession with perfectionism that has been linked to mental health problems such as OCD and anorexia nervosa. When you allow yourself some messy time, it may make you feel more creative and fulfilled!

Is being messy bad for your health?

A study has shown that messiness can be bad for your health. A messy environment can lead to higher levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress and anxiety in the human body. Messiness also increases the risk of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Although being messy can be beneficial for creativity, it is sometimes better to follow the way of the Neatnik. So, while being messy might give you those creative juices flowing, it’s important to remember how distracting it can be if you are surrounded by a chaotic environment.

Being disorganized without being sloppy?

Often times, messy people are the ones who get the most done. In fact, messiness and creative productivity often go hand-in-hand. Those with messy creativity are often more productive because they’re so passionate about their work that they don’t care if they make a mess in the process. They’ll just clean up later or find another way to get it done. Being neglectfully sloppy however can drastically reduce your productivity.

A respectful awareness

The dilemma for LACOSTA is that there is a significant difference between sloppy and creatively disorganized. For instance, do you need a conference room cleared for the next group’s meeting or left intact for a continued meeting; a desk either straightened or left alone; a white board erased for the next user or again left alone and perhaps marked reserved to prevent others from erasing valuable ideas. LACOSTA associates are taught to maintain a respectful awareness in each situation. The key is communication. Do not hesitate giving LACOSTA associates clear instructions for what you want. The default is not to disturb any creative area or space.

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