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Frustrated with dirty bathrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, or other parts of your classrooms and offices?

LACOSTA keeps you tour-ready and audit-ready all the time with our proven process and incredibly low team member turnover rates.

Why LACOSTA for Janitorial Services?

Our extensive experience with nearly every other type of education cleaning environment gives us a comprehensive suite of services that drive efficiency and value. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and safety risk mitigation have made us a preferred janitorial services provider among various industries, including consumer products manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, and LEED certified facilities.

LACOSTA’s goal is to provide flawless operational delivery through the use of technology, teamwork, standard operating procedures and best practices. This, along with continuous improvement in our workflow processes and engaged and motivated team members, helps to make LACOSTA the industry leader in productivity and customer satisfaction. This also makes us the best complete solution to janitorial services.

Our Janitorial Capabilities

As an MBE Corporate Plus certified national services provider, LACOSTA has the infrastructure and capacity to grow with you both here and across the United States. Our best in class operational delivery lets you focus on your core business functions and leave the dirty work to us.

Bucket and mop

General Cleaning Services

  • Conference room cleaning
  • Lobby and common area policing
  • Office cleaning
  • Porter services
  • Recycling program
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Trash removal and bailing
  • Variable shift cleaning and day cleaning
  • Window cleaning

Additional Services

  • Carpet extraction
  • Concrete polishing
  • Conference room setup
  • Construction cleanup
  • Dry cleaning
  • Encapsulation and low moisture cleaning
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Event setup
  • Event policing
  • Floor sealing
  • Interoffice packing and moving services
  • Pre- and post-event coverage
  • Pre- and post-move-in cleanup
  • Security Services
  • Specialized flooring programs (ESD)
  • Spot cleaning
  • Strip wax and re-coating

Whose Interest Comes First?

Temp agencies are driven to place as many people as possible at your site, even if you don’t really need them. They focus on “fill rates” and “fill times” but have turnover rates of 100% to 400%. With our managed labor approach, our KPIs are aligned and our team members are incentivized to end staffing shortages, increase your plant’s output, flex up and down based on need, and to find additional ways to cut costs and add value.

Point of Comparison LACOSTA Managed Labor Temp Staffing
Employment TypeFull-Time Team Members Paid by W-2Paid per Day, Sometimes Even 1099s
Consistency of EmploymentPermanent team members to the job, site and LACOSTA with upward mobility and a career path Variable, maybe onsite next day maybe not; if onsite for 30-90 days, either transition to you with conversion fees, or terminated; temp team members will leave if can make $0.10/hr. elsewhere because they have no benefits, no future and no career path
Skill LevelLow to high with onsite supervisors and managers (skills 1-4)Low and medium (skills 1 & 2)
Industry FocusManufacturing labor experts: heavy, light and pharmaceuticalsLabor generalists
Impact FocusEnd labor shortages, increase output, achieve plant KPIsProvide warm bodies to plug holes
Hourly RateOften about $13-$14/hr. “all in” (includes everything below)Often $11-$12/hr. but closer to $14-$16/hr. “all in”
# Workers Provided When 10 Are Needed7-10 (we typically increase productivity by 25%+ and need less people with cross-training; we staff for 115-120% and succeed)15-25 (if more show up than are needed, have to pay additional team members at least four hours even if you send them home; several don’t show up the next day/week; staff for 100% and fail)

Experience Insourced Labor

Why is the insourced labor approach more agile and effective than traditional temp staffing and janitorial services? The secret revealed:

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Onsite Management

Onsite managers recruit, train, supervise, and cross-train new team members that are incented to find efficiency gains.

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Better Compensation

Team members are paid competitively, receive medical benefits and 401k, and have advancement opportunities.

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KPI Reporting

KPIs that align with yours are reported daily, weekly and monthly to ensure quality, accountability and results.

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Increased Productivity

Team members morale and retention increases, turnover is reduced
10x, and your facility will be in
top-notch condition.