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What if your favorite team had no head coach?

November 1, 2022
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What if your favorite team had no head coach?

And three ideas to spark your own leadership performances…

Every sports team – amateur and professional – has a head coach. Makes sense, right? For example, in the NFL, you need strong leadership to achieve not only the Super Bowl, but most importantly – the next first down.

Wise leaders are an integral part of the team
Yes, the best coaches have to be right there in the trenches with you. And they must earn your respect. Coaches must know their trade; have real professional experience beyond a classroom; use high-tech systems, and know how to help people around them to constantly become better at their jobs.

You are probably a leader — at your job, in a social group, in your community, in your family role…

Sparking Your Own Leadership Performances
Here are three timeless and timely leadership ideas to spark your own leadership performance:

Centered and Grounded: Don’t lead by being subject to passing online whims or baseless popular trends. Being grounded means knowing who you are, where you stand, and where you are going.

Finding Flow – Judgement and harsh criticism disrupt workflow. Flexibility and trust keep systems and personal performances flowing.

The Paradox of Pushing Too Much – Being pushy often backfires on a leader. Using patience, consistency, sharing results and valuing input from the team is the path to powerful productivity.

At LACOSTA, our onsite managers are thoroughly trained; have experience in the positions they are coaching; deploy high-tech tools; and they receive thorough custom training specific to the customer site. The LACOSTA leadership approach avoids squeezing every last ounce of work out of employees. Instead, we encourage site managers to work side-by-side with their teams – building team members to be the best versions of themselves inevitably leading to higher performance levels for our customers.   

LACOSTA’s commitment and investment in coaching has made all the difference.


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