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Leadership: It’s already in there…

September 22, 2022
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Leadership: It’s already in there…

Most LACOSTA customers have a comprehensive range of responsibilities. Taking care of a large facility may require relating to a host of vendors, overseeing all types of services, hiring and firing workers and most important, keeping office executives and workers moving happily along their workday. It’s a daunting task.

No more 14-hour days

Instead of pulling 14-hour workdays, several of our customers take full advantage of LACOSTA’s UniShield System and Site Leadership…  

“I have a LACOSTA Site Leader for Janitorial and one for Managed Labor”, remarks one busy LACOSTA customer. “They report to me daily as they oversee operations, maintain standards, and deal directly with any problems. They have high-tech tools. For instance, they use PredictaShield’s predictive scheduling model to ensure that the proper resources and people are in the right place at the right time. They interview, train, develop, and retain their own high-performing crews. Can you imagine how much time that saves me?”

Outsourced Leadership

Instead of hiring internal team managers, LACOSTA’s leadership is included. Site Leaders use time & task standards with visual cues providing clear expectations to work crews. Site leaders are responsible for measuring key performance indicators for their crews. Digital analytics on productivity and output are at their fingertips throughout the workday. Freeing up Facility Managers to be more effective in their jobs is one of the goals of the LACOSTA UniShield System and its highly trained Site Leaders.

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