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Showing: February 2024

The Five Deadly Sins in Cleaning Your Home or Office

February 28, 2024

Cleaning your home or office effectively is important for maintaining a healthy and organized environment. However, being human, we all commit cleaning crimes. Here are the five deadly cleaning sins you should avoid: Sin #1: No Cleaning Plan – This is not rocket science but a simple plan placed on a calendar will prevent wasting […]

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Choosing the Right Light Bulb

February 14, 2024

People may still be buying black market incandescent light bulbs. But that market is currently almost burnt out.    Choosing bulbs now involves considering factors such as the type of bulb, brightness, color temperature, energy efficiency, and bulb shape. So let’s first take look at the major bulb types: Bulb Type: Incandescent Bulbs: As stated […]

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