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Why You Can Count on LACOSTA

Get Your Time Back

When temp agencies and cleaning services fail, the drop in team member morale and plant output can be catastrophic.

Since 1973, we’ve offered light and heavy manufacturing plants, class A office buildings, hospitals, charter schools, and more a compelling staffing alternative to the usual mediocrity so many put up with.

What You Can Count On

Below is a summary of why you can count on LACOSTA to get the job done, from keeping production running to ensuring the manufacturing floor, bathrooms and offices are spotless – no matter how difficult or dirty.

LACOSTA Productivity Process People
  • Our purpose is to keep you focused on yours
  • We’re the ones you come to when temp-to-hire staffing falls short
  • We keep you tour ready, every day
  • We keep you audit ready, all the time: including FDA, WCM, GMP, BRC, JCAHO
  • We keep our team member retention high and turnover low
  • We standardize based on The LACOSTA Way
  • We are MBE Corporate Plus certified
  • When you need 20 people for your plant, we provide 20 people
  • We guarantee all our team members will be in compliance based on your standards, especially with our visual SOPs
  • We are creative in achieving cost reduction goals, especially during downturns
  • There are no gaps between what we pitch and what we provide
  • We take full responsibility for our work and track results with KPIs
  • Senior management (including ownership) performs onsite audits every quarter
  • We help you avoid co-employment
  • We proactively offer solutions and best practices guidance
  • We operate as your partner, not just a vendor
  • While few and far between, recordable safety incidents affect our EMR, not yours

Get Started Today

Stop putting up with mediocrity that decreases team member morale and plant output.

Whether you want managed labor industrial staffing, janitorial cleaning services or both, contact us to get started today.

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