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Qualifications to Become A LACOSTA Janitorial Team Member

March 31, 2021

At LACOSTA, we take hiring very seriously. Whenever we hire janitorial team members, there are a series of core characteristics that we look for and value. Yes, janitorial work requires technical know-how, but that is something that can be learned. While there are a myriad of ways LACOSTA can help businesses, what truly sets our […]

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3 Keys to a Successful Janitorial Partnership

January 5, 2021

One of the things we pride ourselves on at LACOSTA is the strong and unique partnerships we build with our clients. These go beyond merely being a janitorial team assisting in the maintenance of their facilities. Instead, we become valued team members and a crucial part of an integrated operation plan. The result is an […]

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Methods for Cleaning Your Desk

January 5, 2021

It’s January 11, and that means it is National Clean Your Desk Day! In honor of this day, we have outlined a few great ways you and your employees can tidy your desk to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace! After all, removing clutter and organizing your materials can make your life a whole […]

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When Does Outsourcing Feel Like Insourcing?

January 5, 2021

The core question we get from our prospective clients is, naturally, “how are LACOSTA’s services going to benefit our business?”.  Well, the answer to this question is long and multifold, but much of it revolves around one key concept: the benefit of outsourcing versus insourcing. By outsourcing your janitorial needs and requirements to us, we […]

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Janitorial Services

November 23, 2020

At LACOSTA, our janitorial services are one of our core offerings. We have refined our methods with over three decades of experience, enabling us to bring our clients an unparalleled level of experience in a series of offerings. This post will cover some of our janitorial services and how they could help your business.  What […]

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LACOSTA Employee Recognition

September 26, 2020

At LACOSTA, we realize our employees are the individuals on the front line, and we value the contributions they make each and every day. Our employees take incredible pride in the work they do and the services they provide, and we wouldn’t be able to provide our clients with the world-class service we strive for […]

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