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How to Be Tour-Ready, Every Day

Janitorial Services You Can Count On

Are you frustrated with dirty bathrooms, locker rooms, conference rooms, break rooms, docks, warehouse, and other areas of your plant and offices?

Need help with periodic or specialty cleaning in your plant during holidays or shutdowns?

LACOSTA keeps you tour-ready, every day, by having an organized action plan, incredibly low turnover and LACOSTA team members who are dedicated to the success of your facility. You can be confident that your plant will pass muster during surprise visits from your CEO, the FDA, GMP auditors, customers, other plant managers or whoever comes for a visit, even if it’s multiple times per week.

How to Be Tour-Ready, Every Day

Success Story

A pharmaceutical plant in Mississippi routinely spent $25,000 to $30,000 to prep for each audit and CEO visit.

After hiring LACOSTA as their janitorial services provider, the chaos and extra cost to prep for VIP visits were eliminated through proactive management of day-to-day operations, saving them headaches and hundreds of thousands per year.

Plant Shutdown Cleaning

During your plant shutdown, LACOSTA will manage a preventative maintenance cleaning schedule and perform irregular or specialty cleaning tasks for areas that are inaccessible during normal operations. For example:

  • Cleaning your production lines
  • Removing dust and soil from overhead areas
  • Clearing gunk, paint and dust from conveyors and other production equipment
  • Cleaning out confined spaces and lockout/tagout (LOTO) areas
  • Anything else on your preventative maintenance checklist

We’re able to do all of this without the need of additional vendors, which allows us to cost-effectively flex to the needs of your facility.

Ongoing Services

In addition to standard office and restroom cleaning services, we’ll also do things others aren’t willing to provide:

  • Office labor to move boxes, materials and furniture
  • Conference room and cubicle set-ups and tear-downs
  • Handyman and light maintenance services
  • Painting and other maintenance support services

We can also provide all of the above during the day or overnight.

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