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3 Keys to a Successful Janitorial Partnership

January 5, 2021
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3 Keys to a Successful Janitorial Partnership

One of the things we pride ourselves on at LACOSTA is the strong and unique partnerships we build with our clients. These go beyond merely being a janitorial team assisting in the maintenance of their facilities. Instead, we become valued team members and a crucial part of an integrated operation plan. The result is an incredibly productive and mutually beneficial partnership that can last years and even decades between our company and our client. 

In our three plus decades in the industry, if there is one thing we have learned, it is how to build impactful and meaningful partnerships with our clients – ones that can adapt and that are amenable to changing environments. 

In this post, we will discuss what we view as the three most integral and critical aspects of a successful janitorial partnership. 

1. Hiring the Right People

The first part of a successful janitorial partnership comes on our end. In particular, it revolves around hiring the right people for the job. 

Over the years, we have emphasized recruiting the best people to our LACOSTA family and building out an incredible organization that can go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. One way we have built a strong team is by providing our employees with fair and competitive wages, excellent benefits, healthcare, and most importantly, career advancement opportunities. 

Many of our employees have gone from being general laborers to site managers, taking on added leadership and responsibility throughout the process. This not only benefits our employees, who get the added satisfaction of advancement and greater responsibility, but it also benefits our clients since our managers and leadership genuinely know the business from the bottom on up. This knowledge is crucial for building strong partnerships built on trust, communication, and, most importantly, experience. 

Plus, our clients play an important role in shaping our teams as well. We enable our clients to provide feedback and recommendations to our employees through our eHub portal, monthly partnership meetings, and quarterly business reviews. This way, our clients have an active role in helping us put forward the best janitorial teams possible while allowing us to respond and adapt to their specific needs. 

2. Ensuring the Highest Level of Quality

In line with allowing our clients to provide feedback on our employees’ performance, our constant focus ensures the highest quality level in each of our jobs. 

We have developed a careful program of employee training, development, and onsite supervision that can be adapted to clients and customers of all sizes and in almost every industry. Through this, we can cover the latest cleaning technologies and stay up to date with industry trends and developments. 

This program includes constant reviews of our work, such as daily site reports, monthly partnership meetings, quarterly compliance audits, and annual reviews. All of these allow us to work in close partnership with our clients, understanding their needs, and developing clear operational plans that coincide with their business. 

3. Meeting Internal & External Cleaning Standards

As part of staying up to date with the latest industry trends and developments, we are continually refining our techniques and methods to cover our clients’ needs and requirements and meet regulatory standards (i.e., FDA and GMP), and adhere to CDC recommendations and guidelines. 

We do this through our training programs and site managers, feeding the latest techniques and information down to our general laborers so they can stay in-tune and up-to-date with how to proceed. We also coordinate any changes and developments with our clients through our aforementioned meeting periods, whether that be monthly meetings, quarterly reviews, or on demand as customer requirements change . All of this is made possible through our close partnerships with our clients that are founded on communication and, most importantly, trust. 

At all times, we want our clients to trust that we are staying up-to-date and providing them with high-quality services that meet all internal and external cleaning standards. 


As we mentioned, in our line of work, we value the partnerships we build with our clients above all else, and it is one of the many components of our janitorial services that set us apart from other providers. 

We value our clients. We want them to understand that we are one team – not simply a contractor that comes in to get a job done but a valued member of the business that is invested in their success, not just from a janitorial standpoint but from a whole-of-business standpoint. 

As always, if you would like to learn more about how we build integrated janitorial service partnerships with our clients and how this could benefit your business in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to address and answer any questions you may have and provide you with information on the first steps, such as a full site audit, toward building a partnership with LACOSTA.

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