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Outsourcing Janitorial Service Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

April 16, 2021
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Outsourcing Janitorial Service Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

One of the main things holding companies back from considering outsourcing their janitorial services is the cost. They often think that outsourcing is more expensive than insourcing and that they can save time and money by having their own internal janitorial team. 

However, in our three-plus decades in the industry, we have found that the truth of the matter is the exact opposite, and businesses can save on costs and time by working with an industry-leading service provider like LACOSTA. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways that outsourcing your janitorial needs can actually save your business money! Believe it or not, there are tons of ways that outsourcing makes sense from an efficiency, time, and, most importantly, cost perspective!

Reduce HR Expenses

It takes time, energy, and money to search for and hire qualified candidates. Not only do you have to actively recruit but you have to have a strong presence and reputation to attract talented employees who are dedicated to their work. This can make it extremely expensive to try to build out your own janitorial team. 

Contracting with LACOSTA removes all those difficulties, allowing you to focus on your core business. This means you can have a consolidated HR department whose sole mission is to search for, attract, and hire top talent for your essential business functions. All in all, it removes unnecessary distractions and burdens from members of your HR department. 

This means, not only are you saving money by having a smaller HR department but by allowing your HR department to focus on hiring for your core business functions, you increase efficiency and effectiveness!

Reduce Training Expenses

One of the biggest ways outsourcing cuts costs is through eliminating training expenses. While LACOSTA has a low turnover rate due to the methods we employ to provide a great work environment and fantastic benefits for our employees, many companies with in-house janitorial teams struggle with maintaining a consistent staff.

Not only can this lead to shortfalls and a need for extra employees, but it also increases training expenses dramatically. Constantly having to retrain employees is both time-consuming and expensive. Plus, when you are constantly having to hire new team members, it is impossible to build out an experienced and polished team of professionals. Instead, companies often end up with poorly trained new employees that are constantly cycling in and out – a recipe for disaster, especially in industries with strict cleaning standards and regulations. 

At LACOSTA, for example, our employees have access to promotion opportunities (indeed, many of our District Managers started in entry-level positions) that aren’t available in individual companies. This keeps our employees happy and around for years, allowing them to build experience and allowing LACOSTA to provide clients with seasoned janitorial teams that are trained and equipped to handle just about any situation effectively and efficiently. 

Plus, since much of our leadership started in entry-level roles, they have a ton of experience! 

Increase Efficiency and Standards

One of the benefits of being a large, all-inclusive janitorial services provider is that LACOSTA benefits from economies of scale in a way that individual companies cannot. One of the areas this comes into play is through our research and development of new cleaning techniques. We are constantly staying up to date on what the latest cleaning standards and procedures are, including FDA and GMP regulations. We also ensure consistency and compliance with Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) standards. 

Once we are aware of any changes or modifications, we update procedures, standards, and even supplies and equipment across all of our janitorial teams. This means that your company’s worksites are constantly being cleaned with the latest and greatest methodologies.

If you have an in-house janitorial team, staying up to date with the latest cleaning procedures can be difficult and expensive. Most times, companies cannot have someone dedicated just to learning about the latest cleaning methodologies and regulations and then updating the in-house team accordingly. That is not an issue when you are outsourcing with LACOSTA. 

Our teams are also trained in preventative maintenance, something that many in-house janitorial teams overlook or fail to perform correctly. This can lead to huge savings in the long run when your worksite’s appliances, floors, walls, machinery, and more last years longer and function at a higher level on a daily basis. 

Reduce the Burden on Worksite Management

Outsourcing janitorial also reduced the burden on worksite management by giving them one less thing to worry about. Our site managers work hard to manage our teams effectively and efficiently while at the same time coordinating with and staying in constant communication with our clients’ site managers. This gives our clients’ site managers the luxury and ease of knowing that janitorial functions – which are often of fundamental importance – are being taken care of by industry-leading professionals. 

In turn, this can allow your management to focus on increasing the efficiency of your worksite and operating your business’ functions more efficiently. This can yield huge gains in net productivity in the long run and can help improve your company’s overall operations in incredible ways.


When companies think about outsourcing janitorial services, they often quickly dismiss it because they don’t realize that it is actually a cost-effective and efficient solution for their janitorial needs. We have outlined just a few of the key ways our janitorial services can help your business save money and increase productivity, but, rest assured, there are even more! Plus, we are able to provide these services across a whole myriad of industries.

If you are interested in learning more about how our janitorial services could help your company specifically increase its productivity and save money, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always eager to answer any and all questions that you may have!

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