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LACOSTA Employee Recognition

September 26, 2020
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LACOSTA Employee Recognition

At LACOSTA, we realize our employees are the individuals on the front line, and we value the contributions they make each and every day. Our employees take incredible pride in the work they do and the services they provide, and we wouldn’t be able to provide our clients with the world-class service we strive for without them. At LACOSTA, it truly is a team effort, and we are tremendously proud of our employees.

Our appreciation for our employees has only grown over the last year as the United States deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Since day one, our employees have been adapting to the situation in terms of mindset and technique so that they keep providing superior janitorial and managed labor services. In doing so, not only are they keeping our clients operating but they are also helping serve the millions of Americans who rely on our clients’ services and products. Whether it means working an extra shift, implementing a new cleaning technique, or paying extra attention to a specific high-touch areas, our employees have truly gone the extra mile during these difficult times. 

In light of the contributions our employees make each and every day, we have developed an employee recognition system, which allows us to recognize our employees for going above and beyond. Through this system, we are able to let our employees know they matter, while at the same time giving them a little extra incentive to work hard for our clients. 

In this post, we will talk about some of the ways we recognize our employees’ contributions. 

When and How are Employees Recognized?

Our employees are recognized when they receive either client recognition and reference letters or when they are nominated by a peer or manager. This way, not only are our internal employees and managers able to recognize each other, but are clients are also able to let us know when one of our employees is providing an exceptional, efficient, and conscientious service.

How Do Employees Move Up the Ranks? Do Most Site Managers Start as Entry Level Employees? 

One of the things we pride ourselves on at LACOSTA is the experience and professionalism of our employees. Much of this stems from the fact that many of our employees have gone from a general labor position to a lead position to a site manager position. This means that our employees know our business from the ground up, guaranteeing that they are extremely familiar with our various services, procedures, and offerings.

Indeed, many of our employees have even moved beyond the site manager role, going on to be district managers, senior district managers, and beyond! 

All of this is to say that we make sure we provide our employees with opportunities to move up the ranks, placing them on a successful career development path from the very beginning. This is important for our business because it keeps employee turnover rates low, incentivizes employees to perform at a high-standard each and every day, and ensures we have a staff that is familiar with our business and our operational procedures and expectations. But, more importantly, it is also beneficial for our employees themselves, as it gives them the opportunity to advance in their careers, gaining experience and new skills along the way. This means our employees can have a rewarding and fulfilling career with LACOSTA. 

There are many ways our employees move up the ranks, but being recognized for superior service and dedication to their role is definitely a component of it. 

Is there a Process for Clients to Give Feedback on Employees? 

We value our customers’ feedback beyond anything else in our business, and, as such, we try to provide them with as many opportunities as possible to give us feedback on our employees and our services. One of the ways our clients can provide feedback on employees is through our eHub portal. This portal gives our clients the ability to notify us of exceptional employees at any time. 

Our clients are also able to provide us with feedback during our monthly partnership meetings and quarterly reviews. These are the times when we carefully assess how LACOSTA is doing at each and every worksite, confirming that we are effectively servicing the varying needs of our clients. It is at this time when we are able to make adjustments to our services, adapt to new circumstances, and refine our overall approach to servicing each individual client and worksite. 

This is also a great time for us to get feedback on our employees, and many of our clients choose to recognize and notify us of individual employees who are truly going above and beyond in their day-to-day jobs. 

How Do We Incentivize Our Employees to Perform at a High-Level Each and Every Day? 

One of the ways we incentivize our employees to perform at a high level each and every day is through our Above and Beyond Awards. These awards recognize employees who consistently provide our clients with exceptional service. Employees who receive these awards are meticulous, detail-oriented, and efficient, and, most importantly, they take great pride in the work they do. 

Other ways we incentivize our employees to perform at a high level include recognizing them in our enterprise social platform, Chatter, as well as offering attendance bonuses for consistently showing up to work on time and ready to perform. 


As we noted, at LACOSTA, it is truly a team effort. From the day-to-day operations, to monthly partnership meetings, to the quarterly business reviews, we are constantly working with our clients and employees at all levels to ensure that we are providing a superior service. 

The importance of our employees in this process can’t be stressed enough. They are the backbone behind our operation. As a result, we are constantly looking for ways to acknowledge and reward our employees for the exceptional work they do, while at the same time providing a number of avenues for our employees to be recognized both by internal staff and our clients. 

If you would like to learn more about our employees and the great work they do, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to discuss how our services can benefit your business!

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