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The Five Deadly Sins in Cleaning Your Home or Office

February 28, 2024
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The Five Deadly Sins in Cleaning Your Home or Office

Cleaning your home or office effectively is important for maintaining a healthy and organized environment. However, being human, we all commit cleaning crimes. Here are the five deadly cleaning sins you should avoid:

Sin #1: No Cleaning Plan – This is not rocket science but a simple plan placed on a calendar will prevent wasting lots of time. A simple example would be cleaning floors; Cleaning a kitchen floor can be a weekly task. Cleaning carpets may be semi-annual and may require hiring a professional but you forgot to write down that great company you used last time. So the point of a cleaning plan is simply to write it down, with any relevant data you may need.  

Sin #2: The Wrong Cleaning Tools & Products – This sin is the sister of Sin #1. You are all excited about getting started but you have the wrong tools and cleaning solutions. Most people scramble about and wind up using Windex on their couches and Ajax on their floors. The first stage of cleaning is to write down the right cleaning materials and then taking a quick trip to the store.

Sin #3: Neglecting Accidents and Spills – Have you ever had a quick cleanup job, which you just ignored or neglected? By the time you got around to cleaning up the spot, it had become an indelible mark requiring steam cleaning, or replacement. There are very few human beings who have never been guilty of this.

Sin #4: Rushing Through Cleaning – Cleaning in a hurry can result in missed spots, inadequate disinfection, or just plain shoddy work. Most people experienced this sin as a teenager performing a chore…any chore. The chore would conclude with an authority figure reviewing your work and making a single scathing remark; “Are you proud of the job you did here”. That was not a question then and should not be now.

Sin #5: Overlooking the Obvious – For example, you are tasked with sanitizing your home or office. So you sanitized everything except the high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, cabinet/desk handles and remote controls. The question arises; what exactly did you sanitize?

Committing all five of the deadly sins of cleaning is considered by many to be a criminal offense. However, LACOSTA employees are trained to help you bypass all five of the deadly cleaning sins, thereby avoiding any fines or serious jail time.  


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