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The Pitfalls of Exterior Paint Projects

August 8, 2023
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The Pitfalls of Exterior Paint Projects

For Your Home or Office

When it comes to your home or office, the exterior appearance plays a crucial role in creating a positive first impression. We have discussed the many advantages of an external paint project – maintaining or increasing property value, improving curb appeal, protecting property from the elements, and for some businesses helping to express your brand. However, the following are a few possible pitfalls.

Pitfalls for Commercial Exterior Painting:

  1. Preparation is Key 
    Talk to you paint manager to make sure they intend to thoroughly prepare the surface before applying paint. Neglecting proper cleaning, surface repairs, or addressing any underlying issues can lead to subpar results and premature paint failure. It’s crucial to clean surfaces, remove old paint, repair damaged areas, and apply suitable primers to ensure proper adhesion and a durable finish.
  2. Compliance with Local Regulations
    Commercial buildings are subject to local regulations and restrictions regarding exterior color choices and designs. It is important to research and comply with any guidelines set by the local authorities or historic preservation boards to avoid potential legal issues or fines. Hiring a professional painting contractor experienced in commercial projects can help navigate these requirements.
  3. Consideration of Surrounding Environment
    Commercial exterior painting should also take into account the surrounding environment and neighborhood aesthetics. Choosing colors that harmonize with the neighboring buildings and landscape can create a cohesive look, enhancing the overall appeal of the area. It is important to strike a balance between standing out and fitting in with the surroundings.
  4. Carefully Controlling Overspray
    Masking areas that are not to be painted is important. Brick, glass or stone surfaces need expert masking. On a windy day nearby fixtures – even cars – have been known to be oversprayed.
  5. Professional Expertise
    While it may be tempting to undertake commercial exterior painting as a DIY project, it is strongly advised to hire professional painting contractors. They possess the necessary skills, equipment, and expertise to handle the unique challenges posed not only by large-scale commercial projects, but even residential projects. There are so many variables and potential for highly visible flaws. Professionals can ensure proper surface preparation, application techniques, and the use of quality materials, leading to a more efficient and long-lasting result.
  6. Carefully Review the Paperwork
    You should clearly outline the work, materials, schedule, method of payment (do not pay the entire bill up front) and guarantees in plain language you can understand. Use a trusted source. Beware if you need a lawyer to decipher the contract.

Commercial exterior painting offers numerous advantages. However, it is crucial to approach this undertaking with caution and careful planning. It is often helpful to talk with your LACOSTA on site manager to assist in quickly facilitating your exterior painting plans. The LACOSTA painting managers and crews have the experience in completing large and complex painting projects with long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results.

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