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Manufacturing Managed Labor Skill Sets

We provide all skill categories across a wide variety of plant job functions

If you don’t see what you need in your plant listed here, let us know as it’s probably just not listed here.

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Skill Category
Skill Set
Training & Education
Labor Positions
Janitorial Positions
Level 1
Simple, most basic: follows established processes and checklists. No requirement or need for independent decision making.
No need for specialized training beyond standard job functions.
Packers, Stores Clerks, Admin Support, Rework, Quality Inspection, General Labor, Line Support, Kan Ban
Day Porters, General Cleaners
Level 2
Moderate: follows established processes and procedures. May require independent decision making based on predetermined protocol. May have slightly higer physical demand/requirements than standard. Assists more senior level technicians/specialists/managers in completing work functions.
Often requires additional training beyond standard job functions.
Testing/Lab Positions, Shipping Clerks, Positions Associated with actuated equipment: Fork Lift Operators, Material Handler, Machine Operators, Bailiers, Pick & Pack, Cart Tugging, High Low Operators, Yard Jockeys
Supervisors/Lead Workers, Project Workers, Positions Associated with Actuated Equipment: Scrubber Operators, Specialized Cleaning
Level 3
Complex: develops new concepts or procedures.Analyzes root causes and resolves issues. Supports more junior level technicians and specialists. Can perform all tasks of lower level team members.
Often requires higher education, extensive job related experience and ongoing training beyond standard job functions.
Supervisors, Trainers
Supervisors/Site Managers
Level 4
Exceptionally complex: researches and evaluates new concepts, processes and procedures to improve performance. Analyzes cross-functional problem sets, identifies root causes and resolves issues.
Requires higher education, extensive industry experience and expertise in managing concepts, large groups and critical projects.
Site Manager
Site Managers/District Managers