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Can Cleaning Possibly Be Fun?

January 24, 2024
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Can Cleaning Possibly Be Fun?

Cleaning Fun? The two words rarely, if ever, appear together. Only “neat freaks” could enjoy tedious cleaning tasks and even they may be faking it. If cleaning did not make it to your list of New Year’s resolutions, here are 8 ways to make chores that you will be doing anyway in the New Year, a bit more…fun:

  1. Create a Cleaning Playlist:  Put together a Spotify playlist on your phone so it can follow you on cleaning chores involving more than one room so it can follow you on cleaning chores involving more than one room. Use your favorite upbeat music songs so you can quicken the rhythm of your work. If you are the uninhibited type, sing and dance as you work.
  2. Set a Timer: Big cleaning jobs, are sometimes too onerous to even begin. Allocate a set time and let yourself quit and go on to something else. This tactic often surprises in how easily the mountain of work melts away over a few days.
  3. Turn Cleaning into a Workout: Cleaning vigorously can be a great workout. Incorporate some squats, lunges, or stretches while you clean. Make it a goal to break a sweat and burn some calories as you tidy up.
  4. Reward Yourself: Promise yourself a small treat or reward once the cleaning is done. It could be a favorite snack, a movie night, or a group coffee break from the office.
  5. Gamify the Cleaning Process: Create cleaning challenges or games. For example, see who can pick up the most clutter in the shortest amount of time, or turn dusting into a scavenger hunt for hidden dust bunnies.
  6. Involve Others: Doing a chore with a buddy can make the task more enjoyable. You can even trade out similar tasks in each other’s home or office. Turn cleaning into a group activity by involving your family or fellow workers.
  7. Use Fun Cleaning Supplies: Admittedly, this may be a stretch. Invest in colorful or unique cleaning supplies and tools. Even better, watch a YouTube video to find the most effective supplies to do a task. You may be surprised. For example, it was surprising to find out that many professional window cleaners use dishwashing soap that cuts grease and grime more effectively than household glass cleaners on exterior and even interior windows.
  8. Declutter and Organize: Take this cleaning opportunity to declutter and organize your space. It can be satisfying to see the transformation of a desktop or workbench.

Cleaning chores will never compete with bowling, your golf game or Netflix in entertainment value. The LACOSTA team cleans for a living, and even for us, some of the positive tips above keep our jobs interesting as well as professionally satisfying. For any endeavor, a job well done is the outcome that makes work enjoyable.


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