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Managed Labor, Industrial Staffing & Janitorial Delivery

LACOSTA provides our customers the total best value in facility support services. Our systematic approach to operational excellence drives high performance in all our processes, which are grounded in our solutions-based methodology and levels of standard operating procedures. Our operational excellence model ensures consistently high levels of quality, efficiency and productivity. Our safety program and safety record are the best in the industry.

LACOSTA’s service model is predicated upon a clear illustration of how the elements of innovative strategy implementation, flawless operational delivery and people engagement are interrelated to create “The LACOSTA Way.”

Managed Labor, Industrial Staffing & Janitorial Delivery

Our unique business model’s goal is to manage and improve facility and labor support functions in manufacturing, warehouse and production services, janitorial services, painting, coating and site maintenance services with a focus on creating value for our customers, allowing you to focus your attention and resources on those key components that drive your business forward.

Some of Our Key Differentiators

  • Realized Cost Reductions for our customers year over year
  • Zero lost time with a 100% Return to Work program
  • Strong Safety Culture – self insured
  • Advanced Technology Utilization to drive data to proactively manage service outcomes
  • Turnover Mitigation Process
  • Trained and Engaged Workforce
  • Long Term Strategic Partnerships
  • Engaged in the communities of our team members and our customers

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6 Key Benchmarks of Operational Excellence

LACOSTA manages and operates each of our divisions by a model we call Operational Excellence. This model lays the blueprint that makes LACOSTA a preferred provider for many of today’s largest corporations. Our systematic approach to Operational Excellence drives high performance in all our processes, which are grounded in our solutions-based methodology and standard operating procedures. Our operational excellence model ensures consistently high levels of quality, efficiency and productivity.

Operational Excellence is defined by the successful implementation of five key benchmarks: Safety, Workforce Development, Delivery, Quality & Compliance, and Technology. Although specific action items will vary slightly, each of these fundamentals is critical in delivering the best overall service to our customers.


Without a doubt, the safety and well-being of our team members, our customers and the environments we work in is one of the most important aspects of our Operational Excellence model. Our 52 week safety program is a LACOSTA standard that enables us to drive consistent safety training to every team member at every job site, every week. We incorporate all site related safety requirements into our safety program and regularly work with our customers to facilitate best practice solutions to minimize risk and lower safety related costs, including BOS, STA, and site safety audits.

Workforce Development

Just as healthcare and consumer product companies invest heavily in R&D, and programs that make their products great, LACOSTA invests in the most important aspect of our business: our people. Whether we are screening the local market for janitors, material handlers, line operators or painters, our recruiting team is equipped with attractive team member benefits and real-time employment statistics to identify and recruit the most qualified job-seeking applicants.

Our training and safety programs prepare new recruits for their job functions. Trainees are given the opportunity to develop additional skill sets that bring greater value to you and LACOSTA. This contributes to our industry leading retention rates and your labor cost savings.


Our delivery strategy can be summed up in two words: standards and process. Experience shows that creating and implementing easy-to-follow processes is the best way to achieve consistent and reliable results. We begin every operational implementation with our dependable SOP platform and relentlessly focus on process customization and improvement within your facility. To reinforce the importance of following our process, we post visual work instructions in approved areas that visually remind our team members of the correct way to execute a critical function.

​Quality & Compliance

Great team members and effective processes make it easy to implement measures that ensure quality and compliance. We gather feedback from our customers to develop a scorecard that includes the key performance indicators (KPIs) most important to your operational success. Our supervision and management teams regularly audit the quality and efficiency of our services and inspect the components associated with the established scorecard metrics. Each month we consolidate the data for visibility and accountability, and present the information to your key stakeholders.


Operational Excellence is our ability to “force multiply” with innovative technology. Whether we utilize the most efficient vacuuming equipment to increase productivity in janitorial settings, proactively recruit and prevent labor outages with real-time team member attendance reporting, provide the ability for our customers and our management to generate cases that can be tracked to resolution, or provide at-home training opportunities through our Learning Management System, technology allows us to better operate and better serve customers across the country.

​Continuous Improvement

At LACOSTA, excellence drives continuous improvement. This is why we constantly evaluate and improve each of the five processes above,  in order to provide measurable results for our customers.

Our Workforce Development and Delivery System processes provide a complete managed solution, from our aggressive recruiting and rigorous screening, to hiring, payroll, supervising and transitioning.  We assume these responsibilities allowing our customers to significantly decrease their administrative costs and concentrate on their core business functions.

In order to provide customers with assurance and deliver the highest levels of quality and productivity, we utilize a collaboration of our Safety, Quality & Compliance, and Technology processes, integrated with our standard operating procedures.

Proper training and safety processes significantly reduce liability while creating a safe and efficient work environment. This establishes a foundation for quality, allowing us to accurately assess service levels, analyze efficiencies, and develop cost-effective improvement plans, provided by our site-specific Quality Management Program.

Utilizing technology and the LEAN Principles allows LACOSTA to deliver critical information to the customer in real-time, providing a framework for validation of our processes and procedures, as well as outcome.

When can the LACOSTA management team show you how using our Operational Excellence Model can help you drive value within your company?

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