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Community Service

The Communities of Our Team Members & Customers Matter to Us

LACOSTA believes in giving back and paying forward, especially in regard to our team members and the communities that we serve. Our Helping Hands Program provides financial assistance for unanticipated emergencies causing financial hardship to our team members. Our Bright Star program provides scholarships to children of our team members for advanced education and our Above and Beyond Programs recognized team members who have been recognized for doing more than is expected. We believe in honoring all team members with service awards for their years of service, as well as providing an Team members Assistance Line (EAP) that provides counseling to team members that have personal issues.

In the communities we serve, LACOSTA contributes to and is actively involved in many philanthropic causes such as Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, St Jude Children’s Hospital, United Way, and The Allendale Shelter Club. We are also involved, and encourage our team members to get involved, in the local food and shelter programs in the communities we serve.

  • Boy Scouts Of America
  • Allendale Association
  • St. Jude Children's Reasearch Hospital
  • Chicago Medical Center
  • Openlands
  • United Way