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Managed Labor, Industrial Staffing & Janitorial Overview

LACOSTA Facility Support Services, an MBE Corporate Plus certified contractor, has been delivering quality facility services for more than 32 years, helping customers achieve and maintain safe, clean, and efficient environments. We have built a solid record of successful long term strategic partnerships with our customers by bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to their businesses year over year with our process driven approach to create flawless operational delivery.

We operate based on three fundamental principles: the importance of people, process, and productivity. It’s our people and the LACOSTA processes that they utilize that allow us to achieve the productivity levels that set us apart from our competition, and support our customers and the communities that we serve. Every LACOSTA employee exemplifies LACOSTA’s core values while performing their work: outstanding customer service, constantly improving, mutual accountability, passion to excel, integrity, outstanding citizenship and teamwork.

Our unique business model’s goal is to manage and improve facility and labor support functions in Manufacturing, Warehouse and Production Services, Janitorial Services, and Painting, Coating and Site Maintenance Services, with a focus on creating continued value for our customers, allowing our customers to focus their attention and resources on those key components that drive their respective businesses forward.

LACOSTA’s Unique Business Model “THE LACOSTA WAY”

LACOSTA applies a business model that is unique to the industry. Some of the key highlights to this successful model, known as “The LACOSTA Way,” are that our employees and services are managed by LACOSTA. We own all services, hiring and training responsibilities. Our model assures that there is no risk of co-employment for our customers. LACOSTA employees are technology enabled, we have LEAN trained management, and our culture is technology driven. If you would like to learn more about our model, please contact us.

LACOSTA Team Mission Statement

LACOSTA’s mission is to make our customers environments clean, healthy, safe and efficient.

LACOSTA Team Vision Statement

To use LEAN Principles to deliver innovative solutions that result in long term strategic partnerships that add value for our customers, employees and community.

Why We Do What We Do

We inspire our employees to embrace the possibilities of their abilities and help them develop those abilities so together we can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Employee Value Proposition

We bleed LACOSTA blue providing essential support to our customers as they change the world.

LACOSTA Team Values Statement

We exemplify LACOSTA’s core values while performing our work:


Live with Integrity

We lead by example. We care about the dignity and rights of all. We believe in acting fairly and responsibly with all team members, individuals, vendors and customers.

Mutual Accountability


We will hold each other responsible to achieve our goals and empower our employees to take ownership for delivering results.

Constantly Improving

Continuous Improvement

We will continuously improve and innovate to deliver best practices in providing clean, healthy, safe and efficient environments for our customers and team members.

Outstanding Citizenship

Outstanding Citizenship

We will actively serve in the communities where we work and our employees lives through volunteerism, employee sponsorship and mentoring.

Outstanding Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

We will deliver superior customer service to every customer, every day, every time to facilitate long term strategic partnerships.



We will inspire a fun, collaborative work environment to achieve superior results. Together we achieve more – no one of us is as smart as all of us.

Passion to Excel

Achieve Excellence

We will execute to flawless operational delivery through the use of technology, teamwork, standard operating procedures, best practices and metrics.

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