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Janitorial Services vs. Commercial Cleaning Services

June 16, 2021
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Janitorial Services vs. Commercial Cleaning Services

From independently owned and operated businesses to large manufacturing facilities, LACOSTA can provide the cleaning service you need. With over 30 years of experience in both Janitorial and Commercial cleaning services, we are well equipped to handle any cleaning job sent our way. 

Though they sound similar, they are two distinct types of cleaning services we provide. Depending on what kind of business you run, knowing the difference between the two can help you figure out what cleaning system will work best for you and your work environments. So keep reading to discover what service you might require and how you can start the path towards a cleaner business. 

Janitorial Cleaning Services

As all good business owners know, a clean workplace is critically important, regardless of the industry. Maintaining a healthy environment for your employees and providing a tidy, well-cleaned space for your customers can take you a long way! To keep your facility clean a janitorial cleaning service, as opposed to a commercial cleaning service, handles the routine, everyday cleaning and disinfecting that a business needs.

Janitors are the backbone of any institution, as they work to keep all the areas of your workplace clean. Typically, janitors will handle all the general vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting in your workplace in order to provide clean restrooms, offices, and other public areas. In some cases, janitorial teams can provide essential maintenance and repair services as well. Thanks to the tireless work of janitorial cleaning crews, office buildings and boutiques alike stay consistently clean and running smoothly. 

Undoubtedly, some companies can manage this task with their own cleaning teams, but training and managing a janitorial crew requires experience that most companies don’t have. Combine that lack of experience with the rigorous schedules of a janitorial staff, and you can see how difficult it is to manage. 

This is where a Janitorial Cleaning Service, such as LACOSTA’s, can jump in to help. Building a professional cleaning service partnership can alleviate significant amounts of pressure and anxiety within your company. You will get a more consistent quality of work, significantly less turnover, and fewer personnel management responsibilities, which add to a cleaner business, and more time for you! 

Commercial Cleaning Services

For daily cleaning and general upkeep, you should look into Janitorial Services. However, suppose you have a significant cleaning project coming up, such as a deep carpet cleaning or a complete cleaning of all the upholstery in the office. In that case, you’ll want to turn to professional commercial cleaning services.

While it’s possible to have an in-house janitorial staff at certain companies, you will almost always need the help of commercial cleaning companies for more extensive cleaning tasks. They are also better equipped than most janitorial teams, allowing them to handle complex cleaning challenges like cleaning up after water damage. 

Commercial crews can also offer a more customized cleaning program than many janitorial services. You can hire out commercial cleaners for various reasons, while janitors will focus on the day-to-day tasks. Due to this customization, however, you will likely utilize a commercial cleaning crew for only a few instances in a single year.

At LACOSTA, we’re confident our commercial cleaning crews can handle just about any task you hand to them! We strictly follow CDC, FDA, and GMP regulations, to provide the safest and most consistent cleaning results possible, and all of our teams are well versed in the proper cleaning products and techniques you need to get the job done. Regardless of the services you need, we can offer a customized, adaptable approach to your specific needs, making us one of the best options in the cleaning industry. 

The Differences

Now that you know the background of both services a little bit better let’s examine the differences more directly. 

Cleaning Options

  • Janitorial Services– A Janitorial Service team will handle day-to-day cleaning tasks, disinfecting, and general upkeep of your workspace. A Janitorial Service is the best option if you’re looking for a consistently clean business and reliable daily crew.
  • Commercial Cleaning- Commercial Cleaning crews will take on the big projects and heavy-duty cleaning needs of most businesses across various industries. If you have significant, large-scale work that needs to be done, your first call should be to a commercial cleaning service provider.


  • Janitorial Services- Typically, janitorial teams are up to date on the standard cleaning practices, technology, and products that are necessary to keep a business clean and healthy. In addition, the best janitorial services will tailor their experience to your situation, ensuring that the cleaning team can handle anything.
  • Commercial Cleaning- Similarly, a commercial cleaning crew will have a solid knowledge base of cleaning practices and tools. Still, it will also have a higher level of capability than most janitorial crews. Commercial cleaning crew members must be able to provide services as mundane as trash emptying to jobs as challenging as deep cleaning of medical facilities. 

Frequency of Work

  • Janitorial Services- The final significant difference between the two lies in how often they work at your facility. Partnering with a janitorial service provider will give you a crew that can work as often as you require them to, with much lower turnover rates and higher consistency in their work. 
  • Commercial Cleaning- On the other hand, commercial cleaning crews are more specialized and work in less consistent capacities. Instead of working daily, a commercial team will be there for the big jobs, whenever you need them.


Thankfully, with LACOSTA, you don’t have to choose between the two! We provide industry-leading, highly-qualified janitorial and commercial cleaning in the same crew so that you can tackle any cleaning problem head-on and without worry.LACOSTA’s Specialty Services division serves companies with infrequent deep cleaning or commercial cleaning as needed.  We’ll take care of all your cleaning needs, so you can get back to focusing on what is vital for you and your business.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! If you are interested in working with LACOSTA, we will always be happy to discuss our services, offerings, and recommendations in more depth!

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