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4 Steps to Meeting More Plant KPIs

LACOSTA understands that operational improvements are often achieved without having to “reinvent the wheel.”

So what does it look like to have LACOSTA help you manage and operate your manufacturing, warehouse and production services? Our strategy is based on providing customized solutions to help your operation run more efficiently and effectively.

Managed Labor Staffing Review

We begin with a thorough review of your current processes and a discussion about your short and long-term goals. Even the simplest change in process can have an impact on your bottom line. We start with an initial discovery call then conduct a site review to ensure expectations are clear and aligned.

4 Steps to Meeting More Plant KPIs

Identify & Implement

Once we review your current operation, we identify improvements that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line. Our innovative reengineering strategy will include measurable performance guidelines and Key Performance Metrics (KPIs). Our Leader Standard Works (LSW) guide helps reduce variability so our team performs consistently.


Successful action plans are only as good as the follow up and accountability of those who implement them. We regularly monitor and report on our KPI s and perform various quality/delivery audits to insure that we are meeting expectations and delivering continuous improvement and value.


At LACOSTA, we never stop looking for ways to do something better. Whether it’s additional training for our team members, new process workflows, improved technology, or more effective analytics, we will continue to do whatever it takes to raise the bar.

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