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How We Keep Manufacturing Team Member Retention High

End Labor Shortages & Get Your Time Back

One of the leading challenges of temporary team members and the temp-to-hire model is that the average turnover rate is between 100% and 400%.

LACOSTA managed labor staffing follows a different model that results in high team member retention and turnover figures at a fraction of industry standards. There are three main reasons for this: we pay our people well, train them even better, and have an onsite manager to ensure they get the job done right. Here’s how that works.

Keep Team Member Retention High

Onsite Supervision

At every customer site, we assign a dedicated site supervisor who partners with you to support your operation and find new efficiencies to improve it.

Our site supervisors are trained extensively and managed closely by our district management, senior management and ownership team. They complete reports daily that are visible to all upper levels of LACOSTA management, creating a culture of performance and accountability.

As a result, they become a productivity arm for plant managers, and a trusted advisor to your facility and maintenance teams.

Team Member Selection, Training & Cross-Training

To find the most qualified team members for your facility, we are very selective about who we hire. We conduct advanced hiring assessments, use E-Verify Level 2 and extensive background screening, and all new hires must buy into The LACOSTA Way.

We train each new hire on the specific safety requirements and nuances for their position, and support them with customized standard operating procedures (SOPs) and visual aids.

Our onsite supervisors conduct cross-training for every LACOSTA team member with an “if-down-then-do” mentality, ensuring we always add value even when assets are down.

When our team members arrive to work, they come prepared with training and supervision so your resources can focus on what’s important instead of training new team members every day.

Team Member Benefits

As we’re faced with the most competitive job market in our lifetime, the key to high team member retention is in providing a competitive compensation package and by keeping our team members happy. We’ve found that our industry leading benefits combined with career advancement opportunities is a big piece of our winning formula.

We pay our people above market rates, offer health and dental insurance, a 401(k) with matching, and a multitude of other benefits. We also review our teams regularly, to identify key team members who are capable and interested in advancement opportunities.

High Retention = High Productivity = 25% Less Team Members Needed

Our commitment to high team member retention often reduces the need for how many team members you need by up to 25%, which can boost plant output while reducing your costs.

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