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Managed Labor & Janitorial Services Safety Culture

As an MBE Corporate Plus certified contractor, LACOSTA has been delivering quality facility services since 1973, helping customers achieve and maintain safe, clean and efficient environments. We have built a solid record of successful long-term strategic partnerships with our customers by bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to their businesses year over year with our process driven approach to flawless operational delivery.

LACOSTA has one of the highest safety ratings in the country because we drive a culture of high safety standards, reducing our and our customers’ liability and costs. Performing in a safe and environmentally conscientious manner is a condition of employment for all LACOSTA employees. By incorporating safety into our daily culture we create awareness and engagement, positioning ourselves to constantly improve and mitigate safety incidents.

Our Safety and Health Management Program encompasses three key areas of Safety Practice: Training, Risk Mitigation and Risk Management. Our Safety Program is managed and regularly updated by our dedicated Safety Compliance Officer and Safety Program Coordinator, ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws, and safe operations for our employees.

Safety & Health Program Highlights

  • Zero lost time accident policy
  • New hire safety orientation
  • Pre-start safety audit to identify potential hazards, proper personal protective equipment needed, site specific safety training needed and to establish relationship with our customers EHS contact to address any customer related issues
  • Safety Behavioral Observation Surveys (BOS) completed at all sites
  • Safety Task Assessments (STA) completed at all sites
  • Self-insured
  • Full-time safety compliance officer and safety coordinator
  • Medcor Triage Program: access to on call nurses
  • OSHA compliant with OSHA-certified managers
  • Safety coach assigned to each site
  • 52-week safety program conducted as weekly tool box meetings
  • Supervisors are engaged-escort injured employees to clinic if deemed necessary
  • Managers are trained on safety coaching and employee engagement in safety
  • Pre-hire physical agility and capability testing
  • Filling, labeling and equipment use training and procedures
  • Routine customer site safety audits

LACOSTA Site Safety Audits

Our Site Safety Audits are performed weekly, by the Site Supervisor or Operations Manager and the District Manager of Operations. All levels of management are held accountable for the results of these audits, measured by specific key performance indicators (KPIs). The Site Safety Audit is an integral component of our Safety Program and evaluates the following:


  • Operational
  • Safe working condition
  • Preventative maintenance performed
  • Proper training and use

Chemicals & Supplies

  • Proper training and use
  • Proper storage
  • Proper container labeling

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • All applicable MSDS are on site and accessible

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Proper Training and use
  • All applicable PPE is on site and accessible


  • Compliance with 52 week Safety Training

Scope of Work

  • Safe working conditions
  • Safe work procedures
  • Physical hazards

Accident Reporting

All LACOSTA employees are trained on accident reporting and multi cause analysis procedures and are informed of the resources available to them. Emergency procedures are written and provided to all LACOSTA employees at every site. A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is conducted at each customer site to identify work procedures and actions that could result in accidents or incidents, and the procedures or methods necessary to eliminate these hazards.

We provide all employees who are injured on the job the ability to return to work on a light duty program.  We investigate the accident to identify the cause and develop recommendations to be implemented so that similar accidents can be prevented. We track and trend all accidents, incidents, and near misses, as well as recommendations, prevention plans, and corrective actions.  This provides the data necessary to continuously improve our training program and our operating procedures.


Our extensive training program provides employees with the knowledge and resources to perform at the highest level of quality, while adhering to the safety processes in place. Increasing employee awareness of potential hazards, in addition to delivering thorough job-specific training, drastically reduces risks and associated costs. LACOSTA maintains a dedicated Risk Management Department that continuously evaluates our processes and seeks out industry leading practices that will bring even higher safety results.

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