Managed Labor, Industrial Staffing & Janitorial Delivery

LACOSTA provides our customers the total best value in facility support services. Our systematic approach to operational excellence drives high performance in all our processes, which are grounded in our solutions-based methodology and levels of standard operating procedures. Our operational excellence model ensures consistently high levels of quality, efficiency and productivity. Our safety program and safety record are the best in the industry.

LACOSTA’s service model is predicated upon a clear illustration of how the elements of innovative strategy implementation, flawless operational delivery and people engagement are interrelated to create “The LACOSTA Way.”

Managed Labor, Industrial Staffing & Janitorial Delivery

Some of Our Key Differentiators

  • Realized Cost Reductions for our customers year over year
  • Zero lost time with a 100% Return to Work program
  • Strong Safety Culture – self insured
  • Advanced Technology Utilization to drive data to proactively manage service outcomes
  • Turnover Mitigation Process
  • Trained and Engaged Workforce
  • Long Term Strategic Partnerships
  • Engaged in the communities of our employees and our customers

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