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Why You Can Count on LACOSTA: A Look at Our Core Values

June 22, 2021
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Why You Can Count on LACOSTA: A Look at Our Core Values

LACOSTA is a company built to be reliable, consistent, and productive. For over 32 years, we have provided top-quality, industry-leading, Managed Labor solutions, Janitorial Services, and Industrial staffing for companies across the spectrum. Through the years, we have learned a lot about making our business successful, leading to the development of our core values.

These core values are what drive us forward each day and function as the basis for our unique business model, “The LACOSTA Way.” By putting our focus on our people, process, and productivity, we can give you and your company the best services possible. 

We’ll take a deep dive into what makes up our core values and how this helps us be the most reliable option for all of your facility service needs. 

LACOSTA Company Culture

Like any good company, we believe the heart of our business lies in our employees. We know our employees are the most impactful liaison between our company and yours, so we make sure each employee embodies our core values in their work. From our cleaning services to our managed labor teams, our organizational culture centers around the same eight principles.

Live with Integrity

At the center of any business relationship, there has to be trust and integrity. Every person deserves respect and honesty, and these are values we look for when hiring people to join our staff. Whenever you choose to work with LACOSTA, expect our team to be forward, honest, and respectful of you and your business. 


When you turn to staffing agencies or other professionals for help with your labor, it can often be a mixed bag. Even if you can get the physical support and staffing you need, there are often very few standards to hold temporary staff accountable. 

In direct contrast to that mindset, all LACOSTA teams are independently managed and trained by LACOSTA, meaning the accountability comes right back to us. If we make a mistake, you don’t have to lift a finger, and we’ll be sure to hold our teams accountable.

Constantly Improving

While we are confident that we provide the best in facility services, we know that nobody is perfect. Nevertheless, we take pride in our work, and in order to keep giving you the best possible service, we are always searching for ways to be better. 

A great testament to this drive for greatness is our employee training. From day one, our employees go through our LACOSTA training, site-specific training, job-specific training, and safety training. As they progress through their careers, training doesn’t end, making sure we stay current on everything we need. 

Outstanding Citizenship

When working with a business, we know that we’re also working with the community around them. You can’t separate a company from its surroundings, and we strive to include this consideration in all that we do. 

We try to actively work within the communities we are in and encourage employee engagement in volunteerism.

Superior Customer Service

At the heart of any job is the most critical factor; the customer. We know that clients put a great deal of faith in us to get the job done, and we hold ourselves to that standard so we can provide the best service possible. So not only do we focus on your company’s needs, we make sure that your customers will also benefit from our work. 

We can ensure high-quality service thanks to consistent audits of our day-to-day performance and the consistent employment standards we require. 


Fostering teamwork within our work environments is a crucial aspect of what puts LACOSTA above the rest. When a team is disorganized, independent, or mistrusting of one another, we know that it can’t perform to its highest standards. It’s our goal to build strong team values and unquestionable teamwork on all of our crews. 

For us, that means on both sides of the spectrum. We encourage job seekers to apply to our programs, as we have a low employee turnover rate, speaking to our culture of teamwork and camaraderie. We invest in our teams so that they’re already one step ahead when it comes to your company.

A Passion To Excel 

We haven’t succeeded in our industry for over 32 years by doing the bare minimum. To reach the levels of operational excellence we work for, we expect all of our employees to go above and beyond. As a result, we constantly improve and adapt our methods, processes, and training to reflect the world’s ever-changing standards.

From utilizing the newest and most effective technology to collaborations with industry experts and educators, our company is built on the drive to be better. 

What This Means For You

Because we offer our services across so many different types of clients and industries, we have to make sure that no areas of our company are lacking. We put an intense focus on training, monitoring, and rewarding our employees so that you can have ease of mind when we’re on the job.

From commercial cleaning services to industrial staffing, every job receives the same amount of care, attention, and dedication to the job as the next. Thanks to our strong company culture, we are confident that we will be the best choice for you and your company, regardless of the job.


Whether it’s their meticulous and detail-oriented nature, their drive for self-improvement, or their willingness to ask essential questions, our employees have an industry-leading work ethic that makes LACOSTA what it is. Partnering with LACOSTA brings this quality work ethic directly to your worksite!

If you are interested in learning about how our employees and our services can help take your business to the next level, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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