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Facility Support Services

LACOSTA’s Painting, Coating and Site Maintenance Services plays a key role in the increased safety, aesthetics and productivity of our largest Manufacturing, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Education and Commercial customers. Our team members are specifically trained to be the most knowledgeable solution provider for your painting, coating and site maintenance needs. You can count on us to provide expert recommendations, competitive pricing and quality painting and coating services throughout your facility.

Because safety is the number one priority while performing our services on the job site, LACOSTA team members are thoroughly trained and certified on the most reliable application methods for interior and exterior painting, line striping, machine painting, epoxy flooring and concrete polishing.

Our Painting & Coating team is armed with know-how in best-practices to help you determine the right solution for all of your painting, coating and site maintenance needs.

We believe the best decisions are the decisions made with straight forward, easily understood information. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you make an informed decision so you get the best long term value for the special project services you need.

Painting & Coating Services

LACOSTA’s Painting and Coating services has advanced a great deal since we first started performing theses services more than 40 years ago. We have embraced technology by working along with the top manufacturers and have become certified in all areas of the painting process.

High Solid Chemical Resistant Floor System

LACOSTA has partnered with some of the top coating manufacturers in today’s market. This allows us the ability to provide our customers with quality solutions for any floor problem that may arise.

Coating Systems and Solutions

  • Interior Textured Coatings
  • Synthetic Resins
  • Alkyds
  • Phenolics
  • Chlorinated Rubbers
  • Vinyls
  • Latex
  • Acrylics
  • Multi-Spec Interior Solutions
  • Heat Resistant Coatings
  • Urethane Coatings
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Stains and Sealers

Temperature Coating Systems

LACOSTA has partnered with a temperature coating manufacturing company. This ensures that we can provide the customer with an inexpensive alternative to the high cost of industrial insulation.

Use Temp-Coat Insulation For:

  • Heated tanks
  • Heated pipes
  • Excessive moisture
  • Protecting workers against burns from hot pipes, tanks, and other hot surfaces, and also falls due to wet
  • surfaces
  • Protects against corrosion of metals

Construction Services

LACOSTA’s site maintenance construction related service is driven by flexibility, and focused on the customer’s needs. The benefits of this are our ability to work off-shift hours with no premium charge to the customer.

Our Key Site Maintenance Strengths:

  • Construction debris clean-up
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Equipment, and supply relocation
  • Office relocation
  • The dis assembly, and erection of office partitions (Herman Miller, Steel Case, etc.)
  • The reconditioning of office partitions with paint, or fabric

LACOSTA has the technology and the know how to solve all of your painting, coating and site maintenance service needs.

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