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Managed Labor, Industrial Staffing & Janitorial Team Member Engagement

LACOSTA values its reputation for having one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. We have accomplished this by investing in and engaging our team members.


LACOSTA understands the critical path to operational excellence better than anyone else in the facility support services industry. And we know that path begins with our people.

Our Human Resources personnel facilitate and manage a creative recruiting process to gain candidates and an extensive hiring process that goes beyond the requirements of the law. We are experts at sourcing candidates from different communities across the country and in creating an individual strategy for sourcing candidates for each of our customers. Our process starts with a comprehensive labor study, collecting geographical data such as unemployment rates, median incomes, wages by occupation, employment projections and other personnel related information. This data provides us with the necessary knowledge to thoroughly analyze the local employment market to ensure our staffing model and proposal will deliver to the expectations of our contract and our customers.

Once LACOSTA is awarded a contract, we begin the sourcing process for prospective team members. During the application process, we utilize E-Verify II, which compares information from an team member’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. Background checks are conducted, and a drug screen is also performed.


LACOSTA invests considerable resources in our team member training program. We recognize it as an essential element for ensuring quality and preventing errors. Our comprehensive program utilizes proven tools and techniques, while providing orientation training, job-site training, and regularly scheduled training updates. Not only is there hands on training conducted but we also train on site in a classroom setting and have an online Learning Management System (LMS).

Orientation training occurs before the team member is assigned to a site or a specific geography and consists of four specific trainings tracks, ensuring well-educated and prepared team members. Below is a sample of our hourly training track:

  1. LACOSTA Training: delivered by our Human Resources personnel, this training is presented in a group/classroom atmosphere. The structure of this training is to educate new team members on the company and its policies.
  2. Site-Specific Training: delivered by the LACOSTA Operations Manager, this training is first presented in a group/classroom atmosphere, followed by additional on-site training. The structure of this training is to educate new team members on the customer, the customer’s KPI’s and the facility.
  3. Job-Specific Training: delivered by the LACOSTA Operations Manager, this training is presented on site and is to provide new team members with the preparation to perform the jobs assigned at the highest level of quality and delivery. Training includes daily tasks, visual ques, time and task, chemical training, equipment Training and Personal Protective Equipment training.
  4. Safety Training: delivered by the LACOSTA Operations Manager, is first presented in a group/classroom atmosphere, followed by the completion of our 52-Week Safety Program. This program identifies one specific safety training topic per week, developing a knowledgeable staff in accident prevention and industry best practices.

Upon completion of orientation training, LACOSTA team members will receive certifications for the following, depending on their specific job requirements: OSHA, Bloodborne pathogens, PPE, Proper Use of Chemicals, Proper Use of Equipment, Accident Reporting, Hazard Analysis, HAZCOM, and Site Safety Auditing.

One of LACOSTA’s key strengths as a service provider is that our team member training is not limited to orientation, but continues throughout the duration of employment. Every training module presented to our team members is available to them online at any time.


We provide state of the art technology and equipment that allows our team members to receive information quickly, communicate more effectively with each other and our customer, and to improve efficiency. We believe in continuous improvement and have invested in providing the most cutting edge software applications to our team so they can monitor, review, and receive in real time critical data that help them better serve our customers.


LACOSTA is proud to be the employer of choice in the markets that we serve. We provide unlimited opportunities for additional training and advancement for our team members, promoting from within whenever we can, and allowing our team members to grow their careers with LACOSTA.

Regularly reviewing performance and recognizing exemplary work with LACOSTA’s various team member recognition and community involvement programs provides our team members with direction to achieve their goals. LACOSTA demonstrates its commitment to team member satisfaction by providing a comprehensive benefits program that includes:

  • Healthcare and wellness benefits
  • Prevention and wellness benefits
  • Retirement savings and Planning benefits
  • Team Member Programs and Services benefits

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