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Manufacturing Manged Labor Staffing Standards (SQDC)

Safety Differentiators:

Zero Lost Time, Zero Recordables & 100% Return to Work

  • 9-point safety assessment
  • Behavioral observation survey
  • Strong safety record/self-insured
  • Dedicated risk mitigation team
  • 52 week safety training program
  • Engaged workforce in safety culture
  • Return to work program
Safety Differentiators

Quality Differentiators:

Zero Waste

  • KPIs with tracked and trended metrics
  • Track operating efficiency by asset
  • Multi-shift audits
  • 4 step problem solving to reduce waste
  • Multi-functional service worker: flow to the work
  • Application of LEAN manufacturing practices

Delivery/Customer Service Differentiators:

Zero Complaints

  • Load time ready conformance
  • On time in full
  • Labor availability to fill
  • Turnover mitigation process
  • Track staffing produced vs. scheduled
  • Overtime mitigation

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