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Guide: Temp Staffing vs. Managed Labor

While it can be advantageous for previewing prospective employees and lead to some good hires, the temp-to-hire model also helps ensure the labor shortages it was supposed to prevent.


Managed labor staffing has emerged as a compelling alternative to temp staffing in large manufacturing plants. Here are some of our whitepaper highlights:

  • Managed service providers are responsible for recruiting, screening, hiring, training and managing the workers they provide, who are their employees
  • Managed labor employees are 25% more productive than temps
  • Even though managed labor is paid more per hour than temps, they typically reduce outsource costs by 30% because they are better trained with more skills
  • There’s a much lower turnover rate with managed labor versus temp workers: 0-20% for managed labor versus 100-400% for temp workers
  • Because managed labor receives benefits like healthcare and 401(k) plans from their employer, they are more invested in the work that they do – as a result, they often discover process efficiencies that lead to additional cost savings
  • Managed labor has fewer safety incidents

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