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Showing: June 2023

Your Battle Against Mold

June 27, 2023

The Invisible Threat to Your Health Is Mold Lurking in Your Home or Office? Where mold lives can often be unseen and undetected. But the danger it poses is very real. If mold is lurking in your home or office, it’s important to detect and remove it as soon as possible. What is mold? Mold […]

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The crucial dissimilarity between sanitation and sanitization

June 13, 2023

Sanitation and sanitization are terms often used interchangeably when discussing cleaning. While they sound similar, they are actually two distinct processes with important differences. Defining sanitation and sanitization Sanitation refers to the process of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects to remove dirt, grime, and germs. It is a process that aims to maintain a […]

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