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How a Dirty Office Causes Bigger Problems than Dirt

March 11, 2019
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How a Dirty Office Causes Bigger Problems than Dirt

You may not believe it, but offices can be dangerous places to work.

A recent study by found that office coffee pot handles produce bacteria levels 34 times higher than a school toilet seat. The average office keyboard, computer mouse, and office chair can also harbor up to 20,000 germs per square inch.

Failing to stay on top of basic cleanliness and hygiene at work can seriously endanger business operations, whether that means sick workers and low morale, safety and compliance problems, or union complaints.

Health & Productivity Issues

Dirty offices have a bad effect on worker productivity. A recent Harvard study found that students working in a messy office space were less than half as productive as those in a clean one.

Dirt and mess also make for low morale and, thanks to the spreading of germs, a higher-than-average number of sick days, which can affect your bottom line and lead to high turnover rates.

Safety & Compliance Issues

Safety and regulatory concerns can be a big problem for companies that don’t stay on top of cleaning. Untreated messes will eventually have a negative effect on your office space or building, possibly leading to costly repairs. They also create serious hazards for the staff and may put you in violation of compliance standards.

For companies that operate under stricter standards like medical, pharmaceutical, and restaurant or hospitality industries, mandatory FDA inspections can result in heavy fines and even business shutdowns.

Union Complaints

Unions are meant to look out for their workers. While a little office mess is natural, a consistently dirty office or restrooms can lead to investigations if union representatives receive complaints of unsafe or unhealthy work environments.

Unions can also take immediate action by bringing hazardous work environment complaints to OSHA for further inspection.

Clean Up with LACOSTA

How happy are you with your janitorial service? Are you frustrated with dirty bathrooms, locker rooms, conference rooms, break rooms, docks, warehouse, and other areas of your plant and offices?

As an MBE Corporate Plus Certified, woman-owned business with 45 years of experience, our clients know exactly what we’re doing to stay germ-free and tour-ready every day because of our daily reporting and monthly scorecards – and our incredibly low employee turnover rates that allow us to deliver consistent results.

This is why our average client relationship is 14 years.

Contact us for a janitorial services quote today and to learn how we can keep your business running smoothly, the LACOSTA way.

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