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Temp Staffing: Fixing a Broken Labor Model in Manufacturing Plants

March 8, 2019
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Temp Staffing: Fixing a Broken Labor Model in Manufacturing Plants

Learn Why Supplementing Temps with Managed Labor Reduces Industrial Staffing Shortages & Increases Plant Output

Does high employee turnover have you in continuous hiring and training mode?

Why isn’t your plant fully staffed if you’re using multiple temp agencies?

While the temp-to-hire model is advantageous for previewing prospective employees and leads to some good hires, it still results in labor shortages.

Managed labor has emerged as an effective supplement to your temp-to-hire strategy to reduce industrial staffing shortages and increase plant output. Here’s why.

Hiring, Training & Cross-Training

In LACOSTA’s managed labor model, we handle all the screening, hiring, training and cross-training of our employees. Combined with competitive pay rates, 401k and other employee support programs, our turnover is a fraction of the industry average range of 100-400%!

With our focus on continuous improvement, our cross-training program often reduces the need for total employee headcount by up to 25% by implementing an if-down-then-do mentality, which drives higher productivity per hour and an increase in plant output.

Less Recordable Safety Incidents

Happy, well-trained, productive employees with support of a multi-layered safety program means less recordable safety incidents throughout your facility. And, if there’s an incident, it affects our EMR – not yours.

Increased Plant Output

Happy, trained, productive, and safe employees means increasing plant output and meeting more of your KPIs with less headaches for you, and give you an opportunity to consolidate vendors when you use LACOSTA as your managed labor staffing provider.

Our employees are also incentivized to find ways to increase plant output, reduce safety incidents and to find other areas/ways to reduce your overall cost.

All of the Above at a Cost 30% Lower than Temp Staffing

While temp hourly labor rates may be lower than that of a managed labor provider, temp “all-in-costs” are up to 30% higher.

This is because the “all-in” labor cost incorporates the additional benefits of managed labor: increased productivity, higher plant output, lower TRIR and EMR, and efficient processes that bring additional cost savings for you.

Request a Managed Labor Review

If your temp-to-hire strategy isn’t providing you with the comprehensive solution you are looking for, request a managed labor review of your facility today. We will conduct an initial discovery call to understand your needs, then conduct a site visit to determine what we can provide and the potential return on investment (ROI) for you.

Contact us to learn more about managed labor staffing

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