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Top 10 Ways to Improve Business Operations

December 17, 2021

If businesses were machines, they would be something like a luxury watch, with hundreds of tiny gears and cogs working together to achieve a purpose. It’s no secret that a successful company requires a staggering amount of logistics and planning just to maintain its accomplishments. However, the goal of a business isn’t to “maintain” its […]

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In-House Vs. Outsourced Cleaning

August 3, 2021

Every place of business needs cleaning at some point. Granted, hospitals and restaurants need different types of cleaning than an office building, and each company has unique needs, but cleaning the workplace is unavoidable. This also means every business has to come up with cleaning solutions for their facility, and this decision often boils down […]

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Safe Handling Of Cleaning Chemicals

July 27, 2021

Though it might not be at the top of the list, janitorial work can be one of the more dangerous professions out there. While some jobs are hazardous because of heavy lifting, complicated machinery, or physical exertion, janitors’ most significant hazard is also one of their most commonly used tools; cleaning chemicals.  Commercial janitorial services […]

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What Are The Benefits of Office Janitorial Services?

July 20, 2021

When was the last time you deep cleaned your home? If you haven’t recently, you’ll be surprised at how much dirt, grime, and muck you might find in seemingly clean spaces. Between your carpet, air system, trash, and blinds, there are places for bacteria all over your living space.  While cleaning your entire house might […]

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Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

July 13, 2021

As we enter the middle of the summer of 2021, many businesses are adjusting to the “post Covid” world in real-time. With employees returning to in-person work and companies migrating back to full-time production, we are all learning how the last year of our lives has changed the workplace and how we think about productivity.  […]

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5 Benefits of Workforce Insourcing

July 6, 2021

At one point or another, almost every company will have gaps in their workforce that need to be filled. Unfortunately, due to either labor shortages, unexpected changes in production, or an expansion of labor duties, it’s often difficult to fill these gaps in a timely manner, leading most companies to turn to temp agencies.  While […]

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Why You Can Count on LACOSTA: A Look at Our Core Values

June 22, 2021

LACOSTA is a company built to be reliable, consistent, and productive. For over 32 years, we have provided top-quality, industry-leading, Managed Labor solutions, Janitorial Services, and Industrial staffing for companies across the spectrum. Through the years, we have learned a lot about making our business successful, leading to the development of our core values. These […]

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