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Understanding LACOSTA’s Process for Onboarding Clients

September 7, 2021
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Understanding LACOSTA’s Process for Onboarding Clients

Imagine you just reached out to LACOSTA to set up a new working relationship. First of all, congratulations on taking the first big step! You’re likely nervous about how the process will go, and that makes a lot of sense.

This is your company we’re talking about, after all, and whenever you’re dealing with an unknown factor, it can be nerve-wracking. Before you start overthinking it too much and potentially put off a change that will make a positive impact on your organization, let us take you through our process. With over 30 years of experience, we’re well equipped to handle anything you can throw at us. 

In the coming weeks, you and your company will go through LACOSTA’s client onboarding process, which will feel effortless because LACOSTA does the heavy lifting.  Between managing your company, employees, and everything else in between, we understand the kind of pressure you’re under, and we’re here to help. 

This article will take you through the basics of our client onboarding process to make your actual transition that much easier! Whether you need our commercial cleaning services, managed labor solutions, or some janitorial services, this article will hit on all the highlights leading up to the implementation of our services. 

What To Expect

Whenever we are beginning a new client relationship, we utilize a unique strategy developed here at LACOSTA as part of our overarching operating system, UniShield. At its heart, UniShield is made up of the five most important aspects of our services; 

  • CompliaShield – All LACOSTA team members comply with any and all of our customer expectations and LACOSTA standards
  • InvisiShield – Like a shield of protection, all team members follow precautions to ensure cleanliness and safety. 
  • PredictaShield – Our predictive scheduling model anticipates needs and proactively prepares for them. 
  • ReliaShield – High standards throughout our company hold all of our team members accountable and ensure we deliver our services reliably. 
  • TransformaShield Finally, in every job, we aim to transform the current practices and expectations into a more efficient, complete workflow that benefits everyone involved. 

Though you’ll encounter every one of these factors at some point in your LACOSTA relationship, the one we want to focus on is TransformaShield. Our TransformaShield policies and practices are all focused on the transition your company is making from your current situation to the new LACOSTA team. Let’s take a deeper dive into what this means and how you can see it unfold in real-time. 


In our eyes, your transition into our services should also be a transformation, as we aim to improve and update your current practices! In order to achieve this, we developed the TransformaShield program, which sets you up with everything you’ll need. In particular, our methods are centered around three concepts; the transition checklist, your projected milestones, and weekly progress reports. 

Transition Checklist 

At the heart of the TransformaShield process is our specialized transition checklist. This checklist contains over 117 different jobs, activities, and requirements for our team members to fulfill while making your company’s transition! Spanning over a number of weeks before and after implementation, and customized to every client, this checklist is our metaphorical Holy Grail for customer onboarding. 

To get a general idea of what’s on this checklist, here is some of the information that we tend to include.

  • Team Members – At the top of our checklists, we include a complete inventory of the team members you will be collaborating with, so you can always know who is in charge of what.
  • Pre-Transition Tasks and Items – Before we even begin implementing our changes, we have an entire checklist section that details our preparation process. From the very beginning of the process, when we add your company to our accounts to the beginning of our implementation, we thoroughly outline every step our team will be taking.
  • People – At LACOSTA, we know that nothing is more valuable than good personnel. Whether you’re looking for deep clean professionals that can handle your customized cleaning methods or simply for a hard worker who will succeed in your work environment, this section is to make sure you have the highest quality staff possible. From interviews to onboarding to site-specific training, this section gets your team prepared for Day 1 and beyond.
  • Equipment – This section is pretty self-explanatory! We go through all the possible tools, chemicals, and technology that might be required for the job and ensure that you are well stocked and ready to go. 
  • Operations and Administration – Finally, we include an outline of our onboarding and transition operations, which range from the initial site tour to regular progress checkups. This section also consists of the administrative tasks and setup required for each specific site! 

As you can see, this checklist covers an enormous amount of the transition process in great detail! However, we’re not done yet. 


When we sit down to plan out your services, we try to pay attention to every detail; big and small. We’ve found one of the best ways to do this is through our scheduled milestones! For every job, regardless of the service, there are key milestones that can show how well our plan is progressing. 

From our office cleaning services to our managed labor, we identify the crucial moments within our joint plan and schedule them in advance. By putting a specific date to each action, we ensure that our team stays on task and makes consistent progress. 

Consistent Reporting

Speaking of consistency, the final focus of our TransformaShield is on our reporting. For this, we assign a specific Contact Manager to every site we work with! The Contact Manager will keep you up to date with progress reports, and time-saving ideas. 

The LACOSTA Difference

Making a big transition can be difficult, whether in your personal life or your working world! That being said, we hope that transitioning to LACOSTA’s services is anything but complicated. We take pride in the quality, reliability, and efficiency of our services, and we hope you will too! 

If you have any questions about the onboarding process, or you’ve decided to start a LACOSTA partnership, reach out to us to get started! You can also check out our blog for more information on our industry-leading services and practices.

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