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The Proper Way to Clean Offices and Other Commercial Spaces

December 22, 2021
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The Proper Way to Clean Offices and Other Commercial Spaces

Arguably, there has never been a more important time for businesses to crack down on their cleaning practices. Ideally, most companies have used commercial-level cleaning protocols for longer than just the previous year, but after the reality of the pandemic, there’s no excuse for a dirty business. Customers and employees alike deserve a germ-free workplace, and if you’re a business owner of any sort, the responsibility of keeping that space clean falls on your shoulders. 

Not literally, obviously. We’re not expecting every business owner to pick up a mop and start scrubbing the floors, but it is your job to provide a competent cleaning team and stringent cleaning programs. If you’re unsure of where to start, or you feel like your current systems could use an update, then you’re in the perfect place! 

This article will go over some of the most essential office-cleaning practices you can instill at your company. In a perfect world, all of the suggestions we make would already be the norm, but plenty of businesses around the United States are still catching up, so there’s no shame in a little bit of a learning curve.

Take a quick read through our ideas, and see if there are any areas in your business cleaning practices that need a boost!

How Often?

One of the first areas you should check up on is the frequency of your cleaning systems! A consistent cleaning schedule can genuinely make the difference between a spotless work environment and a dirty one. Naturally, every office building will be different, so allow some wiggle room in your cleaning schedules to accommodate the unique areas of your space. 

As a good rule of thumb, you should have your facility services running on a daily basis, to keep your space as clean as possible. There may be some cleaning tasks, such as deep carpet cleaning, that require some more attention than normal, but general cleaning duties should happen every day. 

Cleaning Correctly

Day-to-day cleaning is the job of your janitorial team and should cover all the basic requirements for your office. If you don’t already have office cleaning services in place, investing in commercial janitorial services like LACOSTA’s can help you immensely. Though the actual tasks can vary from office to office, there are a few essential areas that need daily attention:

  • Trash and Recycling – By emptying your trash and recycling bins on a daily basis, you can vastly improve the cleanliness of a space. Not only does this consistently remove debris and smells from the office area, but it also encourages employees and team members to pick up after themselves. If a trash bin is already full, some people might overlook the loose papers and trash that can pile up in other workspace areas. 
  • Vacuuming and Dusting – At home, we probably try to vacuum at least once a week, but that should be much closer to a daily goal for a commercial space. Countless customers and employees use the floor space regularly, so there is a much higher need for regular cleaning. The same can be said for most surfaces around the space, as the high level of activity creates plenty of dust and grime that can build on surfaces when left unchecked. The more regularly you can dust your space, the easier it will be to clean periodically. 
  • High-Touch Surfaces – Arguably, the most crucial task for janitorial cleaning teams on a daily basis (or multiple times per day) is addressing the “high-touch” surfaces of the office. These surfaces include doorknobs, elevator buttons, desktops, handrails, and keyboards, among many others. Along with their other regular duties, your janitorial staff should be cleaning and disinfecting these surfaces daily at least.
  • Bathrooms – Within an office building, cleaning the bathrooms is an essential task. Germs and bacteria can build up over time on the toilets, sinks, and door handles, and there will almost always be something that needs restocking. Depending on how frequently the bathrooms are used, you may want to change this to multiple times a day.
  • Kitchens – Your business might have a kitchen, or perhaps it’s more of a break room, but generally, there is a central place for your employees to store and heat their food. Smells can linger in these spaces, especially if they aren’t cleaned frequently. Ensure that all sinks and microwaves are disinfected and excess food in the fridge is cleaned out. 

These areas highlight the most important targets for facility maintenance crews and commercial cleaning companies alike! Though these areas of focus should provide a solid basis for your cleaning protocols, many commercial cleaning services (such as LACOSTA) can do all of this and more, providing a cost-effective office cleaning solution to anyone who needs it. 

Cleaning With LACOSTA

At LACOSTA, we want to keep your facility as clean as possible, and thanks to over 30 years of cleaning experience, we can! Our cleaning and facility management expertise can transform your company into a spotless and efficient workplace with minimal effort on your end!

Reach out today to learn more about a partnership with LACOSTA, or check out our blog for more cleaning tips!

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