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Smoothing Out the Hurdles of the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

May 22, 2020
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Smoothing Out the Hurdles of the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

As the United States reopens after months of lockdown, business owners have many new health and safety obstacles to manage while also having to ensure the right-sized workforce for a smooth return to work.

New strategies for managing, scheduling, and protecting against the risk of further infection will be required even as companies attempt to return to full production schedules.

Manufacturers who went from struggling to find qualified candidates to being forced to lay off or furlough employees now face the prospect of staffing back up at a time when unemployment is high – but worker confidence may not be.

LACOSTA’s insourced labor model is a perfect fit for such turbulent times. At LACOSTA we can provide you with the stable source of labor that you need, without the recruiting, training, and oversight headaches that you don’t.

Insourced labor provides you with a well-trained pool of talent that is exactly the size you need when you need it, with onsite supervision to ensure a job well done.

It’s a modern solution to the roller coaster of unreliable temp agency fill-ins and constant turnover that leave you on a hiring and training treadmill and with zero confidence in the quality of your crew.

Insourced Labor for the Consistency and Reliability You Need

Unlike temp agencies that send a constant stream of new talent through your plant – which adds exposure risk to your organization – insourced labor focuses on hiring permanent, skilled workers for your facility. Our team becomes part of your team, with on-site supervisors you can turn to, strict KPI accountability, and a reliable source of labor that won’t leave you bogged down in uncertainty.

We take responsibility for ensuring the training, safety, and reliability of the labor we provide. That includes careful screening for health risks, in compliance with CDC guidelines, to prevent the spread of illness and to help restore the confidence of your returning workforce and customers.

As you gradually bring your capacity back to 100%, LACOSTA is a workforce partner that can help to lift the burdens. For facilities adding second or third shifts to their production schedule, LACOSTA will oversee the hiring and management of the labor – even for the more challenging night shifts. Our full-time, onsite liaisons not only manage and train the staff, they work closely with you to ensure that our team is your team.

Could You Use One Less Challenge as You Get Back to Work?

With all the other challenges you face in the wake of COVID-19, reliable staffing shouldn’t be one of them. At LACOSTA, we can do more than just help smooth over a rocky adjustment; we are a partner who can permanently end your staffing worries, with a customized, cost-effective plan and a predictive algorithm for sourcing the skilled and unskilled labor you need for:

  • Assembly line production
  • Order input
  • Bailing
  • Product and sample testing
  • Central store/tool crib
  • Production labor
  • Co-Packing
  • Recycle and reclaim
  • Container unloading and loading
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Forklift operations
  • Stocking
  • Machine/line operations
  • Warehouse/inventory management
  • Material handling

Get started with a labor audit today. Click the link below to learn why so many companies trust us to help them get to work.

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