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UniShield Program

The Unishield system comprises five concepts that come together to make up the standards that all LACOSTA employees uphold and follow every day. The five concepts are represented as individual shields, and each shield embodies its own unique meaning and purpose within the overarching UniShield System.



  • End Labor Shortages

    We provide optimal staffing levels because we flex up and down with your production schedule, ensuring maximum production output often 25% higher than today.

  • Reduction of Labor Costs

    If you use temp staffing, we will reduce your “all-in” labor costs by up to 30% – and at least 15% guaranteed.

Insourced Managed Labor

Manufacturing HR managers and Plant Managers trust us to deliver full staffing and zero time-to-fill for the production line, warehouse, dock, and throughout the plant with managed labor insourcing that stops the turnover treadmill.

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  • Achieve a Higher Standard of Clean

    Our extensive experience in nearly every type of cleaning environment gives us a comprehensive list of solutions-based services that drive efficiency and value.

  • MBE Corporate Plus Certified

    As an MBE Corporate Plus certified national services provider, LACOSTA has the infrastructure and capacity to grow with your corporation both here and across the United States. Our best in class operational delivery lets you focus on your core business functions and leave the dirty work to us.


Maintenance Managers, Facility Managers, and Purchasing Agents rely on us to ensure the entire facility is clean, disinfected, tour-ready, audit-ready, and employee-ready—every day—with janitorial insourcing that also boosts employee morale.

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  • Best in Breed

    LACOSTA’s Painting, Coating, and Site Maintenance Services play a key role in the increased safety, aesthetics, and productivity of our largest Manufacturing, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Education, and Commercial customers. You can count on us to provide expert recommendations, competitive pricing, and quality painting and coating services throughout your facility.

  • Safety First

    Because safety is the number one priority while performing our services on the job site, LACOSTA employees are thoroughly trained and certified on the most reliable application methods for interior and exterior painting, line striping, machine painting, epoxy flooring, and concrete polishing.

Facility Support

Maintenance Managers finally get the people with the expertise needed to maximize productivity and morale: painting, epoxy coating, light maintenance, and other special projects with facility support insourcing.

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Who We Serve

Eaton Corporation
Fresenius Kabi
GE Appliances
Kimberly Clark
Proctor & Gamble
TK Elevator


“LACOSTA is the best janitorial contract service organization we have worked with. When I walk around our facility, I see the difference: overall cleanliness, consistency, etc. LACOSTA always got an A rating on their report card vs. other maintenance outsource providers.

“What I like about LACOSTA:

  • Owners are engaged and very hands on
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trustworthy
  • Quick response and good recovery when needed
  • Organized and well structured
  • Good site plans and manuals
  • Follow up with very user friendly score cards
  • Always looking for ways to be more efficient as opportunities present themselves

“LACOSTA has set the bar high for other contract maintenance organizations to compete against.”

Manager of Facilities, Electronics Manufacturer

“As part of our RFP process, I visited a LACOSTA customer and plant and they spoke very highly of LACOSTA. Now, there is less up and down in cleaning quality and turnover, and less management time needed on my part.”

Electrical Distribution Equipment Manufacturer

“LACOSTA has always been very good at responding to requests, particularly the urgent ones. They always have an appropriate sense of urgency and take care of things immediately.

“We stock mass quantities of smocks and have asked LACOSTA to make sure they keep good inventory levels of each size at all times. They have done a phenomenal job in managing this.

“LACOSTA has a very good relationship with their employees. I can’t say the same for other companies.

“LACOSTA hired an on-site manager so now he and housekeeping employees have someone to turn to at the site vs. having to call a district or regional manager to try and take care of things.

“All of this means less work for me.”

Maintenance Supervisor, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

“LACOSTA started out as a janitorial service for us and our relationship has grown tremendously since then. LACOSTA has taken on a lot of other outsourced areas for us over the last three years and has been able to step up to the plate. They manage our storeroom, maintenance rooms, production rooms, and wastewater treatment.

“LACOSTA is willing to take on other areas, very responsive, flexible, and very approachable. LACOSTA makes it easy for me to turn to one supplier.”

Procurement, Auto Parts Manufacturer

“I appreciate all the efforts LACOSTA has made and continues to make to be a good partner. They take ownership of their business and people, and respond very well to provide value.”

Finance Manager, Paper Mill

“LACOSTA is fulfilling our requirements so well that we are working with them on a new initiative to help us with our laboratory operations. They learn what our goals are and not only exceed those but push us to do the things that we need to do to reach them as well. They give us alternatives that get the end in mind and are much more cost-effective.”

Sr. Procurement Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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