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Facility Support Services

The safety, aesthetics, and productivity of your facility is largely impacted by its visual appearance. LACOSTA’s specialty services division can help your organization always look it’s best. Whether you are a Manufacturing, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Education, or Commercial customer, our team is specifically trained to support your environment. You can count on us to provide expert recommendations, competitive pricing, and on-time, high-quality, specialty services throughout your facility.

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A Few of our Many Specialty Services

Interior Painting
Exterior Painting
Epoxy Floor Coating & Safety Striping
Parking Lot Line Striping/ Stenciling
High Dusting/Cleaning
Vacuum & Pump Out Services
Power Washing
Concrete Floor Repair



Safety is our Priority

LACOSTA employees are thoroughly trained and certified on the most reliable application methods for interior and exterior painting, line striping, machine painting, epoxy flooring, and concrete polishing. Thanks to our 32+ years of experience and the use of safe operating practices, we have achieved an industry-leading safety rating; this helps reduce liability and lowers the overall cost to our customers.


Key Elements of our Quality Assurance and Audit Program

Work Tickets
– Starts the process and allows us to track the job on a daily basis. All job information is visible to our entire management and supervision team. Additions or subtractions are documented in this system with a clear audit trail.

Key Milestone Reporting
– Every job is inspected by an operations manager or supervisor. Reporting is generated that is sent to the customer and to our management team – this report can include progressive pictures of the job.

Maintenance Alerts
– Maintenance alerts are generated by LACOSTA and document any service issue or service request. They can also be generated by the customer thru our Customer Self Service (CSS) Portal

Project Reviews/Partnership Meetings
– Project reviews conducted by the LACOSTA team where agreed-upon KPI metrics are presented to our customer contacts and key stakeholders.

LACOSTA Standards, Safety & Compliance Audits
– Project Audit performed by Senior management and LACOSTA ownership to ensure we are meeting customer expectations.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
– Surveys on a per job basis are designed to be an additional medium for LACOSTA to capture unbiased site feedback to ensure our services are meeting your expectations.


Sample Projects

Exterior Painting


Interior Painting:

Before & After



High Dusting/Cleaning:

Before & After



Epoxy Flooring:

Before & After




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