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When Only Zero Percent Will Do…

August 16, 2022
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When Only Zero Percent Will Do…

You know that LACOSTA is dedicated to fighting harmful pathogens in the workplace. At times, especially around operations that produce or handle food, medicine, sterile products or equipment, LACOSTA is called upon to go beyond clean to complete sanitization. There is a difference. LACOSTA’s systematic process management and data analysis play a crucial role in attaining complete sanitization, in other words…zero pathogens.

When only Zero percent will do

Perhaps you have read the labels of household cleaning products claiming to killing 99% of bacteria.  99% sounds great, doesn’t it? But there is a lot of harmful content in that last 1%. LACOSTA goes beyond that last 1% but sometimes is called upon to clean areas where only 0, yes zero percent will do.  

Efficient process and data analysis

LACOSTA applies the proper cleaning techniques and data analysis to meet the challenge of achieving zero. The efficiency of our process and data analysis not only achieves the desired result but also saves time and money:

  • Implementing stringent quality standards has prevented prohibitively expensive product recalls
  • A more efficient sanitization process has led to a recurring monthly savings of thousands of dollars
  • Data driven efficiencies have reduced average sanitization downtime to between 3-4 hours per large scale shifts
  • Zero RLU scores, from ATP testing, occur over 85% the first time.  That means that no traces of bacteria were found on surface after testing
  • Our unique flexible scheduling has enabled one customer to save thousands of dollars monthly on labor, by eliminating the need to add another full shift of labor

Getting to zero is difficult.  LACOSTA has the know-how, the trained personnel and the data feedback to do a highly efficient and effective job.

Keep It Clean,


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