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What Makes an Excellent Durable Paint Job

May 10, 2022
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What Makes an Excellent Durable Paint Job

Tips from the LACOSTA PROs

LACOSTA provides commercial paint services for large industrial buildings, warehouses and office complexes. In these large projects, the quality difference is in the details. The same applies to you when you hire a painter or handyperson to work on the exterior or interior of your small office, home or garage. 

Here’s the difference…

On our commercial projects there is a lot more money and time at stake. Painting a commercial building is a serious investment. The customer usually has all the specifications spelled out in the contract and the work is awarded to professionals with solid performance portfolios.

A home painting project for you is just as important but often more casual. The painter is often the low bidder from a neighbor’s recommendation or from Angie’s List (now called Angi).  Price, color choices and finish options are usually discussed.  However, paint quality is often determined by price. One paint job often looks like another when freshly done. It is only a year or two later that you realize there has been a sub-par paint applied. You literally get what you pay for with paint.

UV protection first

A good durable paint will have strong UV protection, which helps prevent cracking and fading over time. You need to use paints that advertise sunblock or sunshield on their labels; they usually have around 6-8% titanium dioxide in them.

Your paint brand is important

Generally speaking, you should expect to pay between $40-$60 per gallon in a retail store dedicated to paint. You don’t want your paint contractor or handyperson going to Home Depot and grabbing paint that is on sale.

Choose a brand with dedicated paint stores such as Sherwin Williams, PPG or Benjamin Moore. You will benefit not only from better quality but also from knowledgeable sales people who know about UV protection, durable paints, and the best paints for your local weather and working conditions. 

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