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Tips to Help Banish the Winter Blues

February 16, 2022
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Tips to Help Banish the Winter Blues

Humans need sunlight. Not only does it give us nourishing Vitamin D through our skin, but it even makes us happy. During the winter months, not only do we experience shorter days and colder weather, but some of us catch a case of seasonal blues.

If you’re struggling with the winter blues, you might have increased trouble sleeping, lowered motivation, and a general feeling of funk.

Here are some tips for brightening up these remaining winter months:

  • Go for a walk — Even small amounts of physical activity outdoors can increase happiness and reduce stress. Getting outside and soaking in the sunlight can provide a real boost to your mood.
  • Schedule some screen-free time — Blue light emitted by our computers, TVs, and phone screens can disrupt our body’s natural rhythms. Instead, take some time away from the screens and curl up with a cozy book.
  • Follow a bedtime routine — Establish a new sleep routine by taking a hot shower, lowering the lights, and brewing yourself a cup of herbal tea. 
  • Write down your thoughts — If you’re in bed and it feels like your thoughts won’t let you relax, take a few minutes to put them all down on paper. That way, you can put them out of your mind until the morning.

How do you beat back the winter blues?

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