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Staying Organized at Work

February 1, 2022
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Staying Organized at Work

One of the best feelings you can have at work is being productive and knocking out tasks left and right. This state is called flow, and it can be felt while at work, playing basketball, reading a book, or even folding laundry. 

Unfortunately, some days it can feel as though accomplishing everything you want to get done impossible. While this feeling can be frustrating, one quick way to get out of it is by organizing the tasks ahead of you and knocking them out one by one.

We’ve created a quick list of tips to help you stay organized at work and at home and get you into a flow.

  • Create a to-do list. Taking the time to write down all of your tasks for the day (or week) helps bring all of your abstract goals into the real world. It’s incredibly rewarding to notice your long list gradually dwindle away as you become a productivity machine.
  • Break big goals down into achievable steps. Humans get a small happiness boost whenever we accomplish a goal, even a tiny one. Use this to your advantage by dividing a large goal into many bite-size steps, preferably ones that you can complete in five minutes or less. After all, every marathon starts with lacing up your sneakers and stepping outside.
  • Build strong relationships with your co-workers. Even the most organized among us are bound to lose track of a goal once in a while. By leaning on your co-workers and asking for help, you create an invaluable support system that strengthens your whole team.

Let us know how you stay organized at work.

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