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Safety Is Our #1 Priority

July 29, 2019
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Safety Is Our #1 Priority

As a managed labor staffing and janitorial service provider, our employees are your employees and they are the most important asset we have. When they are happy and safe, red KPIs turn to green. That is why safety is our #1 priority.

LACOSTA is an industry leader in safety and safety standards. Our dedicated Safety and Compliance department continuously work with our operations team on risk assessment, accident prevention and root cause analysis. Each LACOSTA employee participates in risk mitigation and site-specific safety training which increases safety awareness while reducing safety incidents and violations.

LACOSTA Has One of the Best Safety Ratings in the Country

We drive a culture of high safety standards, reducing liability for our customers and for us – consider our safety statistics for last year:

  • 0.98 EMR Score
  • Low OSHA Recordable Case/Incident Rate
  • Lost Time Workday Rate of 0.00

Training & Safety Program

LACOSTA’s safety statistics are correlated to our extensive Training and Safety program that consists of:

  • Site Safety Audits
  • 52 Week Training
  • Accident Reporting
  • Job Specific Safety Training
  • Site Safety Orientation
  • Proper Techniques for Chemical and Equipment use
  • Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Incentives for Safe Practices
  • Awards for Sites with great Safety Stats

Put Our Safety Commitment to Work for You

Having a safe and engaged workforce is but one of the advantaged of our managed janitorial service vs. a cleaning service and our managed labor model vs. temps and – you can learn more advantages in our Managed Labor vs. Temp Staffing guide here. Find out how we can work for you by requesting a managed labor audit today.

Contact us to learn more about our managed labor solutions

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