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Plant KPIs Flashing Red? Think Managed Labor…

April 16, 2019
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Plant KPIs Flashing Red? Think Managed Labor…

LACOSTA’s Managed Labor Helps Turn Red KPIs to Green by Ending Labor Shortages & Ensuring a Quality of Work Because We Track KPIs Like You Do

The effectiveness of plant management is measured by key performance indicators (KPIs), and that’s how we measure managed labor staffing and janitorial services.

All LACOSTA management team members are trained on LEAN, Six Sigma practices and maintain a minimum safety certification of OSHA 10. This management approach has resulted in continuous improvement of our labor related processes that has helped us achieve a customer retention rate of 98% since 1973.

Here’s how we do it.

LACOSTA Managed Labor Services Accountability

Daily Site Reports

  • Provides key customer contacts with daily updates of LACOSTA’s operation
  • Tracks key metrics such as Staffing, Safety and Quality
  • Daily results are rolled into monthly scorecards for review

Weekly Quality Audit & Operations Team Call

  • Operations Team Call:includes all site supervisors, district managers and the director of operations with the goal to understand the problems they face and to provide the support they need
  • Weekly Quality Audit: onsite supervisors fill out an audit form that is given to our clients to keep them informed of the quality KPIs achieved that week

Monthly Reporting & Partnership Meetings

  • LACOSTA SQDC scorecards are based on plant manager SQDC metrics: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost
  • Scorecards are mutually created with input from our customers, and customized to their site specific needs
  • Low scores from the scorecards help identify problems and initiate internal action to remedy and prevent reoccurrence
  • Safety is so important to us that we also report near misses to prevent future injuries and increase cultural awareness

Quarterly Compliance Audit

  • Performed by LACOSTA ownership and senior management to verify LACOSTA’s internal processes and procedures are implemented and driving results
  • In addition to our monthly partnership meetings, compliance audits are critical to ensuring sustainability and continuous improvement
  • Prevent complacency and reinforces good habits
  • Bonus compensation for site level management requires successfully passing internal compliance audits.

Annual Reviews

  • Annual reviews with all site supervisors to make sure each account is operating effectively and to LACOSTA standards
  • Site level supervision and management is retrained on job responsibilities and best practices identified from other sites

Are Your KPIs Flashing Red?

If you are falling short of your KPIs because of employee shortages, issues with temporary labor or for other challenges you experience, consider LACOSTA’s managed labor solutions – especially if any of the following are flashing red:

  • Missing production schedules
  • Low load accuracy rates
  • Significant inventory shrinkage
  • High demurrage and freight charges

Whether you want managed labor staffing, janitorial cleaning services or both, contact us to get started today.

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