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Managed Labor Functions Recently Performed at Manufacturing Facilities

December 10, 2019
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Managed Labor Functions Recently Performed at Manufacturing Facilities

As part of our managed labor staffing service for manufacturers, we provide a wide variety of services across multiple skill levels.

Here’s a sampling of the services we provided this year to our customers:

Material Handling & Forklift Driver

We use our customers’ systems, pick sheets and RFID scanners for a turnkey approach to effective workforce management. We work with common KPIs such as Bay Location Accuracy and Load Time Conformance among others to drive meaningful results to our customers operations.

Decanting & Packing

Whether decanting automotive components or packaging tools for medical industry customers, our employees are trained to execute repetitive functions with consistency and accuracy, every time.

Light Maintenance / Maintenance Assistant

Asset support functions:

  • Removing glue from rods and standardizing staging of finished product
  • Washing T-Hanger arms or paint booth components
  • Cut oil reclamation
  • Spills / Contaminated fluids collection

Additional functions:

  • Light bulb replacement
  • Door jam and lock repair
  • Touch-up painting and dry wall repair
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • General handyman duties

Central Stores Management & MRO

We receive parts and packages and validate against the BOL. We log into the warehouse management system (WMS), including SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards, and manage inventory. We pick parts and do cycle counts daily, semi-annually and annually to ensure accuracy.

Cost savings is achieved by the labor rate differential, reducing or eliminating overtime by flowing to the work on weekends using no stores employees.

On weekends, there are less receipts and less pulls so we can cross-train additional staff to reduce dedicated personnel dependency.

Our services are based on picks per shift and on the size of picks—large or small parts for effective pricing.

Fire Watch & Confined Space Watch

Properly trained oversight to be compliant with safety regulations related to Fire Watch and Confined Space work.

Wastewater Treatment

Monitoring and administering chemicals to neutralize the waste water before entering public water way as required by city and state laws.

What Can We Do for You?

Do you have areas of your plant that are continuously understaffed and/or temp staffing isn’t working? If so, request a managed labor audit to identify where you can benefit the most from our unique labor outsourcing service.

Contact us to learn more about our managed labor solutions

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